The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Release date July 22th, 2011
1.02 ►►

1.01 was the first update to the original The Aether mod, and was released on July 22th, 2011.


  • Moas were untamable/unfeedable. This has been fixed, with Blue Moas requiring 3 Aechor Petals, White Moas requiring 4, and Black Moas requiring 8. You still need to wait for the Baby Moa to digest its food before feeding it again.
  • There was an overpopulation/underpopulation of mobs (e.g. too many Zephyrs, very little Aechor Plants, occasionally no Swets, etc.) This has been fixed, by scaling down the Zephyr spawn-rate a lot more.
  • Golden Oaks were minable effectively with a pickaxe instead of an axe. You should now be able to gain Golden Amber/Skyroot Log from Golden Oaks with axes.
  • You could not craft Zanite Armor, as only the Gloves were craftable. This has been fixed, with all recipes added.
  • Non-generated Quicksoil was still returning drops with a Skyroot Shovel. This exploit has been patched.
  • Icestone used to freeze not only the source block but the stream also. When the source was frozen the stream would stay behind and doesn't go away. This has been fixed so that the source blocks are frozen instead, and the streams disappear afterwards.
  • Zephyrs used to drop Gunpowder. This has now been changed so that they drop a large stack of Cold Aercloud.


  • The spawn rate issues, however, don't seem to be fixed yet though with the v1.01 update.