The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Release date August 19th, 2011
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1.02 was an update to the original The Aether mod, which was released on August 19th, 2011.


  • Added 3 new in-game soundtracks, all exclusive to the Aether. Thanks to our new composer, Emile, for creating these wonderful pieces! You can hear them in-game, just like any other Minecraft music.
  • Unique victory tunes have been added when defeating Bronze Dungeon and Silver Dungeon bosses.
  • A small achievement tune has been added when completing an Aether achievement.
  • When initiating in a fight with a boss, a health bar will now appear on the top centre of your screen. The boss will also have a randomly generated name. For example: "GeneratedName, the Valkyrie Queen".
  • Added a new Flying Cow mob. While they are nothing too special, they do drop Leather when killed. These creatures can be saddled and flown around.
  • Added a new Aerbunny mob. These creatures are friendly, and will hop around the Aether peacefully. Aerbunnies drop String when killed. This means, with the combined additions of the Aerbunny and Flying Cow, you can now craft saddles in the Aether without returning to the surface world.
  • Added a new Whirlwind mob. These hostile entities will throw you into the air when you get too close.
  • Added a new Quicksoil Glass block. Not only can it be used for building materials, but it also gives off a dim amount of light (and of course, speeds up mobs movement speed while in contact with them). They can be gained by enchanting Quicksoil.
  • Added a new Zanite Block. This is a purely aesthetic block, for the purpose of storage and building materials. It can be crafted with 4 Zanite Gemstones. You can also craft the Zanite Block back into 4 Zanite Gemstones if you would like to regain them.
  • Added a new White Flower block. These are commonly generated flowers in the Aether. At the moment they are purely aesthetic, but will have crafting purposes in the future.
  • Added a new Purple Flower block. These are slightly rarer than white flowers, and can be crafted into 2 Purple Dye items.
  • Added a new Freezer block. This new block was suggested by one of our fans on the Mantis bug/idea tracker. We thought it was a neat enough idea to implement. Basically, it works very similarly to the urnace in design. However, it uses Icestone as a fuel, and can be used to freeze various different items. For example: you can freeze water from Water Buckets into Ice blocks, or freeze Cold Aerclouds into Blue Aerclouds. Although there aren't many freezable items and blocks at this stage, the Freezer's use will be hugely expanded in future patches.
  • Added a new Ice Ring and Ice Pendant. When worn, these accessories will freeze all water and lava around the player. They slowly degrade while worn, so they do not last forever. These accessories can be obtained by freezing Gold or Iron accessories with the new Freezer block. Zanite accessories cannot be frozen into ice accessories, only Gold and Iron.
  • Added a new Healing Stone item. Heals 2 hearts of health, and is stackable. These items can be obtained by enchanting Holystone blocks with your Enchanter. This was implemented to balance out the issues with overpowered Ambrosium Shards.
  • Added four new craftable Capes: white, blue, red and yellow. These capes can be crafted with their respective Wool color. Blue capes can be crafted with any type of Blue Wool. These capes are purely aesthetic.
  • Added four new dungeon rewards. One of them is a Bronze Dungeon reward, and the other three are Silver Dungeon rewards.
  • Added a completely new main menu which is interchangeable in-game and with the mod's Aether.cfg file. This menu previews the last point you were located at in your previously played world. There are three new buttons: Q for quick load, T for toggle theme, and W for toggle world. You can use a particular menu by default by editing aetherMenu and worldMenu in the config file.


  • Dungeon rewards are now hidden in TooManyItems by default. The TMIhidden config setting exists to show them again
  • Completely restructured sound files for the Aether
  • When riding a saddled Moa, a jump meter will now appear above your armor defense. This jump meter will show you the amount of mid-air jumps your Moa can perform, and also how many are left before it can no longer jump
  • Saddled Moas no longer wander around. They stay on the spot when you are not mounted on them
  • Ambrosium Shards now only heal half a heart. We felt that Ambrosium was too powerful for such a common ore, thus the decision to decrease it's healing powers
  • Gravitite Ore is now much more common
  • Zanite Ore is now slightly less common
  • You can now press B on your keyboard to gain a Book of Lore. You will gain one according to the dimension you are in
  • Placing Lava in the Aether now freezes it into Aerogel
  • Book of Lore no longer appear in dungeon chests
  • Aerogel no longer appears in dungeon chests
  • Carved Stone no longer appears in dungeon chests
  • Lightning Knives no longer appear in dungeon chests in stacks higher than 16. This is so stacking is no longer screwed up (as the max stack for Lightning Knives is 16)
  • When first entering the Aether in Minecraft, you will now gain a Cloud Parachutes
  • If you hit the Slider with something other than a pickaxe, it will now show a message which says "Hmm. Perhaps I should attack this beast with a pickaxe?" so that new people understand they cannot attack it with other weapons
  • Enchanted Gravitite texture now changed, so as to save sprite id's
  • The time taken for baby Moas to digest their Aechor Petals has now been decreased
  • Life Shards now have a new sprite to make them look more like shards, rather than heart containers
  • Blue Aerclouds have a slightly new color. It uses a more cyan-like colour now


  • Spawning issues have finally been fixed (Zephyrs and Aerwhales are now less common, and Aechor Plants are now more common)
  • Cockatrices and Zephyrs now despawn when on peaceful mode
  • Aerwhales and Zephyrs now despawn when stuck
  • Fixed the Glowstone Dust description in the Book of Lore: Volume 2
  • Fixed the Glowstone description in the Book of Lore: Volume 2
  • Fixed the descriptions of some Obsidian items in the Book of Lore: Volume 3
  • Enchanting golden Darts and Skyroot Poison Buckets now works as intended.
  • Golden Swets now work correctly.
  • Baby Moas no longer lay eggs.
  • You can now configure the spawn rate of Aether mobs in .minecraft/config/mod Aether.cfg where 0 = no longer spawn.
  • Aerwhales which were previously set on fire should no longer be in flames. They are also now immune to fire.
  • Swets, Aerwhales, and Zephrs now despawn correctly, previously they would not despawn and prevent spawning of other creatures.
  • Fixed a bug where Blue Aerclouds and Gold Aerclouds were not generating into the world naturally. Newly explored areas or new Aether worlds will now generate with blue and gold clouds.
  • Saddled Moas no longer despawn.
  • From now on, beds which are placed in the Aether will not explode, and can be slept in as usual. Beds which have been placed prior to patch v1.02 will still explode. To fix this, just recollect the bed and place it again.
  • Bone Meal can now grow Skyroot Saplings and Golden Oak Saplings. You can also use it on Aether grass to grow a group of white and purple flowers.
  • You can no longer move the Slider with the Hammer of Notch projectile.
  • Fixed a bug where the initiating a fight with the Sun Spirit would cause massive lag spikes.
  • Fixed a bug where Black Moas would only be able to perform 6 mid-air jumps instead of 8 as intended.
  • The Cloud Sentries which are spawned from the Cloud Staff dungeon reward no longer make human hurt sounds when damaged.
  • Fixed an audio-related issue with Moas and Phygs, where they would build up stepping sounds while flying, and would play them all at once when landing on the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where Silver Dungeons were rarer than Gold Dungeons.
  • Plus many more small bugs have been fixed.