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Release date October 30, 2016
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1.10b2 ►►

1.10b1[1] is an indev build of the Aether II mod, which was released on October 30, 2016, and it introduced major island generation changes, revamped Slider's Labyrinth dungeons, and overhauled Moas.

It was the first 1.10 indev build released.


  • New dungeon entrance sub-type
  • Rare dungeon ruin mini-structures
  • Tall 2x2 trunk trees in jungle sub-climates
  • +30 new accessories
  • +20 new rings accessories
  • +10 new neckwear accessories
  • Subtitles added
  • New mobs:
  • Returning mobs:
  • New blocks:
    • Arkenium Ore
    • Icestone Ore
    • Crude Scatterglass
    • Burstblossom
    • Scatterglass
    • Scatterglass Stairs
    • Skyroot Frame Scatterglass
    • Skyroot Frame Quicksoil Glass
    • Arkenium Frame Scatterglass
    • Arkenium Frame Quicksoil Glass
    • Labyrinth Capstone
    • Labyrinth Capstone Slab
    • Glowing Labyrinth Pillar
    • Labyrinth Wall
    • Labyrinth Wall Slab
    • Labyrinth Lightstone
    • Labyrinth Base
    • Labyrinth Headstone
    • Labyrinth Strongblock
    • Labyrinth Chest
    • Woven Skyroot Sticks
    • Frostpine Cooler
    • Small Labyrinth Container
    • Large Labyrinth Container
    • Arkenium Door
  • New items:


  • Dozens of overhauled/redone textures and models
  • Slider's Labyrinth overhauled again, now much more labyrinthine in layout and with new asset textures and objects
  • Major island generation changes, they are now on grids
    • All islands are around the same size now, and range from generally large to somewhat massive in size
    • Islands generation with small to medium caves, holes or ravines
    • Islands now have 'climate-like' variations:
    • Normal
      • Forest (large amounts of trees, Skyroot trees with 2x2 trunks and very rare spawnrate of Green Aercloud)
      • Plains (much less trees, only skyroot, and flatter/slightly hillier terrain)
      • Crystal (lots of dark blue/blue skyroot trees and Storm Aercloud are much more common here)
      • Jungle (denser population of trees, labyrinth ruins, moa nests, only Skyroot trees and Skyroot trees with 2x2 trunks)
  • Moas overhauled
    • Moas come in 30 different colors and there are fourteen million color combinations (14307150)[2][3][4][5]
    • Moas now have color designated for nine body parts[6]
    • Moa nest structures that generate on the ground or rarely in trees[7][8][9]
    • Moas will now aggro towards the player if they attempt to steal eggs or attack Moas[10][11][12]
    • Moas now have genetics[13]
  • Quicksoil now generates as coasts on the fringes of islands and may also generate as mini-pools in island-masses
  • Ambrosium Ore now glows
  • The Cold Aercloud layer below islands is now a vast 'blanket' of cold aerclouds
  • Swets now drain hunger when in close-contact instead of attempting to swallow the player
  • Gravitite changes:
    • Gravitite's ability for tools has been changed to pick up and hold blocks in the air
    • Gravitite's ability for armor has been changed to a double jump, activated by pressing spacebar again in the air
  • Skyroot tools now work with any block, and are able to tell which blocks a player has placed
  • Zanite armor now adds more defense as it becomes more damaged
  • Continuum and Continuum Bomb has been removed, now replaced by Irradiated Chunk and Sentry Vault Box
  • Icestone block removed, now replaced by ore and an item version
    • Ability to freeze items using Icestone blocks removed
  • Aerogel removed, now replaced by Crude Scatterglass
  • White Gold Pillar, Cornstarch Bowl, Mouse Ear Cap, Crystal EXP Bottle and Piggie Bank removed
  • Purple Crystal leaves/sapling, and White Apple removed
  • Hammer of Notch and Pig Slayer removed
  • Daggerfrost Locket removed, replaced by a rune charm


  • Moas do not lay eggs
  • Aether portal spawning into the Aether is very bugged
  • Green Aerclouds do not generate