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Release date November 12, 2016
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1.10b5 is an indev build of the Aether II mod, which was released on November 12, 2016. This build included companion behavior fixes, changes to Quicksoil and Gravitite, creative mode fixes and world-generation fixes.



  • GUI with potion effects is now offset
  • Blue Cloud Parachutes now kick you from servers if flying isn't enabled
  • Quicksoil now has a speed cap and is less slippery
  • Aether tools now are effective against vanilla blocks
  • Green Aerclouds now generate
  • Gravitite Ore now drops an ore item and instead has to be smelted from now on
  • Gravitite Block is now crafted with nine Gravitite Plates
  • Gravitite Shield now requires blocking to activate it's effect
  • Quicksoil Glass is now longer gained via enchanting and instead smelting
  • Crossbow bolts no longer are consumed in Creative mode and do not enter the inventory if picked up
  • Opening inventory now takes you to the previous tab
  • Creative tab page number no longer renders if there isn't enough room


  • Fixed Flaming Sword not giving cooked drops
  • Fixed Scatterglass stairs not rendering correctly
  • Gravitite Shield's chance to float enemies has been fixed, was previously always 2%
  • NEI compatibility fixed
  • Fixed Poison Dart recipe not working
  • Fixed companions spawning in walls
  • Tool reflection entries fixed