The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void


Release date December 17, 2016
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1.10b7 is an indev build of the Aether II mod, which was released on December 17, 2016. This build was the last indev build released as now most changes are listed via the mod's gitlab.


  • New NPC and dialogue system added
    • As a result, Edison is now implemented in a barebones form
    • He does not sell anything as of the current indev build and has somewhat simple branching dialogue
  • Glitterwings added, new passive/decorative mob
  • Taegore added, they have replaced Phygs
  • Burrukai added, replacement for Flying Cows
  • Campire added, new utility block, currently decorative only
  • Skyroot Plank variants added
  • Cloudwool Carpet added
  • Skyroot and Holystone Bookshelf added


  • Crude Scatterglass now have panes and variants
  • Angelstone renamed to Agiosite
  • In-hand ring rendering removed, at request of community as a whole
  • Male Moas now perodically drop Moa Feathers
  • Creative tabs cleaned up
  • Long Aether Grass block textures now have more detail


  • Variable argument compile warning fixed
  • Some crafting recipe bugs fixed
  • Fixed a comparator exception for the crafting GUI helper that would crash the game
  • Bug where multiblocks would not properly notify the client of dummy block placement fixed
  • Henges fixed not generating in-ground