The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Release date September 18, 2014
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◄| ►►[1] is an update to the Aether II mod, which was released on September 18, 2014 as a hotfix fixing several bugs, aside from introducing some new things.


  • The Cloud Network has been added. This feature displays to you all active Aether II server's around the world, keeping you more in touch with the Aether community. If you own an Aether II server, keep in mind that it will also be listed on this network unless you manually disable it within the server configuration file.
  • A new Blue Deadmau5 Ears variant has been added.
  • Added a Player List tab to the social tab group.
  • Aerbunnies can now reproduce and have offspring like other Vanilla animals.


  • Players can no longer sneak to prevent falling off of Quicksoil and Quicksoil Glass.
  • The last selected tab in a Tab Group is now remembered.
  • Moas no longer lay eggs while mounted.
  • Moas now lay eggs at a very decreased rate.
  • Aechor Plants now spawn like mobs rather than animals.
  • Portals no longer generate in the Overworld when a player falls off of the Aether.
  • The "crafting" text has been re-added to the Accessories tab GUI.
  • Mounts now stay in place when owned by a player.
  • Treasure Chest block has been removed.
  • Skyroot Crafting Tables can now be broken efficiently with axes.


  • The High Step potion effect now works correctly (with Fleeting Wisps).
  • Blue Aerclouds now correctly bounce players who are on a mount.
  • Fixed respawning issues within Dungeons where players would teleport to a flatland void.
  • Fixed bug where leaving a Dungeon could sometimes teleport players to The Nether.
  • Gloves now render correctly when blocking with a sword and when the player is invisible.
  • Deadmau5 Ears now render in their correct position.
  • Fixed a depth-rendering issue with name tags on Companions and Baby Moas.
  • Fixed a crash
  • Fixed an issue with shift-clicking items in the Incubator GUI.
  • Valkyrie Lances no longer take damage while in Creative.
  • Fixed a crash with using Neptune Armour.
  • Fixed the Dart Shooter recipe.