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Release date September 13, 2015
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This is the release poster for 1.7.10-1.5

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Release poster for 1.7.10-1.5.2


A huge bug fix update to the Aether II mod, which released on September 13, 2015. Big patches appear in this patch like party and dungeon fixes.


This patch was released on September 19, 2015 fixing some major bugs like severs crashing when using the Hammer of Notch and major mod pack incompatibilities.


This patch was released on November 22, 2015 fixing numerous bugs and performance improvements. There was also some mod comparability issues that were resolved. Also during this update the AOS had returned on this date.


  •  Parties have seen a ton of fixes! The sidebar HUD now updates correctly, and the player menus now correctly update.
  •  The Cloud Network has been completely rewritten! Yes, really! That means you won't get that pesky "NullPointerException" when you join cloud servers anymore.
  •  The Slider fight has revisited it's more classic days! We've tweaked how the Slider reacts with multiple people, and made him no longer break blocks.
  •  We've also listened to you guys and tweaked the Cockatrice and Tempest to be a bit easier. Tempest lightning damage has been reduced a bit, and the Cockatrice poison needle's nausea effect is now shorter
  •  Rendering issues, such as when you have Optifine installed, have been mostly (if not completely) resolved!
  •  Dungeon generation has been optimized to help reduce server load and improve performance
  •  Updated all the translations.


  •  Lightning Knives and Tempest Lightning damage has been halved.
  •  Ice Pendants no longer destroy water streams.
  •  Pickblock now returns a spawn egg on Aether entities.
  •  Whitelisted and offline mode servers can no longer be added to the Cloud Network.
  •  Made the Labyrinth Totem's drone sound quieter.
  •  The Hammer of Notch now correctly applies damage.
  •  Disabled the Aether Portal in the Nether.
  •  Cleaned up the Cloud Network GUI.
  •  Added a configuration option for the Aether Biome ID.
  •  Registered all Aether entities as mod entities. (entities in old worlds will be removed)
  •  The Slider no longer destroys the boss room.
  •  The Slider boss room's door now reseals while fighting.
  •  Parties are now limited to 4 players.
  •  The Slider now drops a maximum of 16 lightning knives in one stack.
  •  All party members are now required to be in the boss room before the Slider fight can begin.
  •  Made Dungeon generation faster.


  •  Fixed the "request pending" bug when trying to add players to a party.
  •  Fixed a few bugs when players disconnect in a party.
  •  Fixed some bugs where you could attack party members.
  •  Fixed Aether mobs not activating the "Monster Hunter" achievement.
  •  Fixed an issue where mined Holystone Furnaces would drop with the incorrect metadata.
  •  Fixed an issue with cauldrons.
  •  Fixed an issue where Aether mounts ignore player input.
  •  Fixed not being able to remove items on the Altar with an empty hand.
  •  Fixed a block duplication bug with dungeon blocks.
  •  Fixed a EXP duplication bug when using Silk Touch on Skyroot Pickaxes.
  •  Fixed some duplication bugs with Orange Trees and Skyroot Doors.
  •  Fixed a crash when a Valkyrie Lance hits a nonliving entity.
  •  Fixed an issue where Aechor Plant poison couldn't be harvested.
  •  Fixed sword durability issues.
  •  Fixed the Skyroot Sword duplicating entity inventories.
  •  Fixed an issue where hitting a party member would still damage an item.
  •  Fixed the Unbreakable tag not working on accessories.
  •  Fixed a bug where you would be put inside blocks using a Dungeon Totem.
  •  Fixed Aerogel render.
  •  Fixed boss victory sounds not working.
  •  Fixed a bug where the Sentry Guardian would continue attacking dead players.