The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Release date January 2, 2016
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New years update poster


  • It's the time of giving! Presents are everywhere! Wrap a gift of happiness, or TNT, to your friends and spread the love!
  • Added lots of new accessories! Will you control snowballs of death or make your punches even deadlier?
  • Added two new companions to assist you in your holiday adventure!
  • Lots and lots of fixes and optimizations!


  • Added the Lucky Bell accessory, which increases the chance for a mob to drop a present.
  • Added the Candy Ring accessory, which negates hunger depletion.
  • Added the Continuum Bomb item, which creates a festive explosion of continuum!
  • Added the Frostbound Sprite companion, which generates infinite snowballs!
  • Added the Daggerfrost Locket accessory, which makes snowballs do 1 heart of damage.
  • Added the Totem of Clairvoyance companion, which gives the player night vision.
  • Added the Skyroot Ring accessory, which creates a 10% chance for blocks to drop doubles.
  • Added the Bone Ring accessory, which adds +1 attack damage to the wearer.
  • Added presents, which can be crafted by wrapping any item in wrapping paper.
  • Added a new record, "Silent Flight" by Jon Lachney.
  • Added new holystone decorative blocks.
  • Added new menu splashes.


  • Fixed donation skin choices not being visible to other players.
  • Fixed dungeon mobs dropping Sentry stone with the wrong metadata.
  • Fixed mods not being able to access dropped accessories on death.
  • Fixed high steps potion effect affecting other mods.
  • Fixed a bug where the config file may not generate.
  • Fixed duplication bugs with Skyroot Swords.
  • Fixed Aechor Plants incorrectly consuming buckets.
  • Fixed beds not working in the Aether dimension.
  • Fixed companinions not removing their effects on death.
  • Fixed a bunch of harvest level registrations on tools.


  • Entity optimizations.
  • World generation optimizations.
  • Flying through Aerclouds no longer interacts with the player.
  • Made it impossible to sneak on Quicksoil, fixes players being flicked into space and server crashes.
  • Removed Skyroot Bowl recipe and changed Skyroot Bucket recipe to planks in a regular bucket's form.
  • Made Cold Fire punchable and much less laggy.
  • Changed the Ambrosium Torch recipe to craft 8 torches.
  • Tweaked Labyrinth loot.
  • Changed Continuum Orbs to be stackable, up to 64 now.