The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void
1.9 Pre-release 2

Release date 23 July, 2012
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1.9 Pre-release 2 was an update to the original The Aether mod, which was released on 23 July, 2012.



  • Switched to forge config api, now at .minecraft/config/Aether.cfg
  • Mob spawn size is now configurable
  • Made repulsion shield work against ghast and Zephyr balls
  • Extended poison cure time
  • Removed automatic mating of Aerbunnies
  • Removed Nature Staff


  • Fixed achievements resetting on start of game
  • Fixed winning the game from deleting Aether inventory
  • Aether inventory slots now drop their items on death
  • Achievements page now shows up properly
  • Fixed the Shield of Repulsion working all the time. It just works when standing still
  • Fixed Shield of Repulsion not being used up
  • Made Sun Altar drop itself and have proper hardness values
  • Fixed inventory player head rotation being locked
  • Removed duplicate recipes for Cloud Parachutes
  • Renamed Leather Glove to be Leather Gloves
  • Fixed 0-stack chest rewards
  • Fixed feathers rendering over food bar
  • Fixed Altar using the name Enchanter
  • Fixed typo for Skyroot Fence
  • Fixed Sun Spirit evaporation of water
  • Fixed Zephyr snowballs while in creative mode
  • Fixed Holystone Axe, which previously was doing spade functions instead of chopping
  • Fixed Berry Bush bug when the grass is removed from beneath it
  • Fixed naming inconsistencies with some config items
  • Fixed menu music, and the multiplayer GUI stopping music when it shouldn't
  • Fixed error report with the mainmenu
  • Fixed bug in createWorldGUI
  • Fixed multiplayer issues with placing portals and gaining Book of Lore items
  • Stopped main menu world from saving, by wrapping world.chunkprovider to return false from cansave()
  • Fixed crash when Book of Lore gain key is used in the menu when the menu world is disabled
  • Fixed crash when Berry Bushes are destroyed in the main menu
  • Cleaned up by removing MapGenWaterLily and LayerIsland which came from accidental other sources
  • Fixed error message when in select world screen