The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void
1.9 Pre-release 3

Release date August 13, 2012
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1.9 Pre-release 3 was the last update to the original The Aether mod, which was released on August 13, 2012.


  • Added dialog interaction to Valkyrie Queen
  • Added valkyrie Music Disc
  • Golden Oak Log added to creative mode
  • Silk Touch can now be used to get Golden Oak Logs
  • Icestone Fences and Stairs added to pickaxe efficiency list


  • Dart Shooter is now created using Golden Amber instead of Zanite Gemstone
  • Adjusted spawn rates and group size of mobs
  • Updated sprites for the Phoenix Bow and Phoenix Armor
  • Updated the Agility Cape sprite
  • Changed sprites for elemental swords
  • Gummy Swets are now randomly found in all dungeons as loot in chests
  • Increased elemental sword durability to be twice that of iron swords
  • Dungeon chest loot is now determined when chest is opened - not when chest is created
  • Removed the Golden Feather, which is now the Valkyrie Cape
  • Boss health bar removed from the main menu
  • Lore button repositioned to not conflict with TMI
  • Hammer of Notch is now prevented from harming mounts


  • Mounts should no longer accidentally die while flying
  • Aerbunnies no longer suffocate in blocks
  • Aether axes now work on Aether Stairs and Fences
  • Aether pickaxes now work on Holystone Brick, Stairs and Fences
  • Fixed Aether discs showing the incorrect author and music name
  • Skyroot double drops rewritten for easier porting to SMP
  • Blue Aercloud darkened slightly, to fix "white on top" inventory icon issue


  • Main menu still says Pre-release 2, when it should instead say Pre-release 3