The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Achievements are earned by accomplishing special goals. They can be viewed under Achievements, and by switching to "Aether". Some are easy, some are hard.

Aether II achievements were added after the 1.7 Port.

Original Aether Achievements[]

  • The more you know! - Read a Book of Lore (Read a book.)
  • Lore-Ception - Its a book in a book in a... (Put a book in a book.)
  • Pink is the new blue - Craft a Gravitite tool (Craft something out of Gravitite, not armor.)
  • To infinity and beyond! - Bounce on a Blue Cloud
  • Now you're family - Incubate a Moa
  • Hostile Paradise - Ascend to the Aether (The Book of Lore Vol.1 acts as a reward for this achievement)
  • When phygs fly! - Fly a Phyg
  • Do you believe in magic? - Craft an Enchanter
  • Like a bossaru! - Defeat the Bronze boss
  • Dethroned - Defeat the Silver boss
  • Extinquished - Defeat the Gold boss

Aether II Achievements[]

  • Hostile Paradise - Ascend to the Aether through a Glowstone portal
  • Oddly Familiar - Attack a tree until a block of Skyroot pops out.
  • To Infinity and Beyond! - Bounce on a Blue Aercloud
  • Now you're family - Incubate a Moa.
  • When Phygs Fly! - Fly on a Phyg.
  • Man's Best Friend - Find and equip a companion.
  • Cold Blooded - Kill a Tempest with it's own Iceball.
  • Sharpshooter - Kill a Zephyr using a Dart Shooter.
  • First Ones Double - Craft a Skyroot tool or weapon.
  • Enlightment - Obtain your first piece of Ambrosium.
  • Do you believe in magic? - Craft an Altar.
  • Leaving so soon? - Fall out of the Aether.
  • I Must Go... - Use a Gravitite tool to make a block fly.
  • Time Warp! - Use a Continuum Orb.
  • No Turning Back - Enter the Slider's Labyrinth.
  • Like a Bossaru! - Conquer the Slider's Labyrinth.
  • Mazerunner - Conquer the Slider's Labyrinth, alone, in under 5 minutes.
  • With Great Power... - Obtain your first Legendary weapon.
  • ... Comes great Responsibility - Obtain your first piece of Legendary armor.
  • Walking Tank - Equip a full set of Obsidian armor.
  • ... Gives You Wings - Equip a full set of Valkyrie Armor
  • Playing God - Obtain and use a Hammer of Notch
  • Lancin' and Dancin' - Obtain and use a Valkyrie Lance
  • Slaughterhouse - Obtain and use a Pig Slayer
  • Bloodthirsty - Obtain and use a Vampire Blade
  • Postmortem - Be resurrected by your Nex Spirit


  • The achievement "Do you believe in magic" could be a reference to John Sebastion's song "Do you believe in magic"