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Aether 1.9 Pre-Release 1.9 Mod Review

The Aether 1.9 was a never completed version of the Aether before Aether II. The Aether 1.9 was the last version based off of the old system as it was a port from the 1.0x versions. As being based off of Aether 1.0x, Aether 1.9 had 3 pre-releases, all of these pre-releases required Forge instead of Modloader (as it was a port to bring the ModLoader versions of Aether to Forge). The Aether Team later decided to scrap the idea of working on an ported version and started from scratch. The Aether 1.9 pre-releases brought lots of new stuff to the Aether. It is also the last version of the Aether to have some features that were scrapped (such as the Bronze, Silver and Gold dungeons that are currently not fully implemented in Aether II).

What's new in the Aether 1.9 from Aether 1.0x[]

The Aether 1.9 added these things:

  • Forge instead of Modloader
  • Updated Zephyr Model
  • Better AI for Aether Mobs
  • Improved the Queen Valkyrie's speech
  • Added Fences and Stairs from most Aether resource blocks
  • Added new Items & Blocks


The Aether 1.9 received mostly negative criticism from fans of the original. However, when the Aether II came out, fans negatively panned Aether II and continued to play Aether 1.9. The Aether 1.9's negative criticism was partly due to all of the changes in The Aether II (such as the new dungeon system), and the out of the box day-night cycle and a different story deterred a multitude of fans.