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Aether Dirt
Display Aether Dirt

Grid layout None (small)
Grid Aether Dirt
Type Solid Block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Blast resistance 2.5
Hardness 0.5
Tool Shovel
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Drops Itself
Data value See Data values
ID Name See Data values

“A paler dirt. Aether grass and skyroot trees will grow on it”
Book of Lore

Aether Dirt is a type of block found in abundance in the Aether.


Aether Dirt does not require a shovel to be obtained, and so, will drop even if mined with bare hands.

Block AetherDirt Aether Dirt
Hardness 0.5
Tool Shovel
Breaktex Breaking time
Hand 0.75
Skyroot 0.4
Holystone 0.3
Zanite and Valkyrie* 0.2
Gravitite 0.1

*Times are from unenchanted tools in seconds, and Zanite with max durability.

Natural generation[]

Aether Dirt makes up the majority of the Aether, along with Holystone. It can be found all over islands, typically covering the first several surface layers before the Holystone.


Aether Dirt is the only block that can grow Aether plants and trees. Dirt. It is not possible to grow overworld Trees, Tall Grass or Wheat on it.

Swetty Balls can be used to automatically turn placed Aether Dirt into Aether Grass.

Data values[]

Aether Dirt's data values are:

Name ID name DV
AetherDirt Aether Dirt aether:aether_dirt 167 (dec), A7 (hex), 10100111 (bin)


Issues relating to Aether Dirt block are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Aether Dirt there.


The Aether[]

Aether II[]

  • Initial release: Introduced
  • Now breaks at the same speed as overworld dirt. (previously it broke at the same speed that overworld dirt would break when mined with a stone shovel).


  • 1.10b1: Now has the id-number of 4096
  • 1.10b4: Coarse Aether Dirt variant introduced