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A Bed

Block Type:

Solid Block, Vanilla Block



Beds cannot currently be used in the Aether due to the way the mod is coded. If you try to sleep in the Aether, the bed you're using will explode and break a large amount of blocks around you. Because this also happens in the Nether, this may be a bug derived from parts of the Aether code which come from the Nether's code. It is also possible that this was intended as part of the Aether mod to stop people from spawning in the Aether upon death. As of Aether II Mod Beds must now be made with Sky-root planks, and will create a "Sky-root Bed"

Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 2.09

A bed exploding in the Aether


  • Continuum Orbs have a chance to give the player a Bed, even though that item is useless in the Aether II Mod
  • Beds also explode in the End (this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Aether)

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