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Berry Bush
Display Berry Bush

Grid layout None (small)
Grid Berry Bush
Type Solid Block
Physics No
Transparency Yes
Luminance No
Blast resistance 5
Hardness 1
Tool Any tool
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable Yes
Drops Grid Blue Berry Blue Berry (1-2)
BerryBushStem Berry Bush Stem (1)
Data value See Data values
ID Name See Data values

“These bushes are found in clusters among the floating islands of the Aether realm.”
Book of Lore

Berry Bush is a type of block found in the Aether.


It does not require any tool to mine, but will not drop itself unless mined with a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe. If in a harvest ready state, it will drop Blue Berries when mined, and if mined again or if a block supporting it is removed, will instead drop a Berry Bush Stem.

Block BerryBush Berry Bush
Hardness 1
Tool Any tool
Breaktex Breaking time
Hand 5
Skyroot 0.76
Holystone 0.46
Zanite and Valkyrie* 0.38
Gravitite 0.26

*Times are from unenchanted tools in seconds, and Zanite with max durability.

Natural generation[]

Berry Bushes can be found naturally generated on islands, sometimes in groups of two or three.

Bone Meal[]

If Bone Meal is used on an Aether Grass block, vegetation has a chance to spawn instead of tall grass up to seven blocks away. Berry Bushes and Purple Flowers are 20% chance, White Roses are 70% chance, Berry Bush Stems are 40% chance, and Orange Trees are 10% chance.


They have two stages of growth, one as a stem (what it looks like after harvested) and one fully bloomed which resembles green Skyroot Leaves with blue fruits. Berry Bush Stems can be replanted by the player. When harvested on Enchanted Aether Grass, they instead drop 2-4 Blue Berries.

In 1.10[upcoming], Berry Bushes are now instantly harvestable.


  • Berry Bushes are useful as an easy source of food or as for decorating exterior gardens.


  • Berry Bushes were introduced in the version 1.04 update for the original The Aether mod.
  • Despite having separate opaque textures, Berry Bushes are not affected by the Fast graphic setting.

Data values[]

Berry Bush's data values are:

Name ID name DV
BerryBush Berry Bush aether:berryBush 208 (dec), D0 (hex), 11010000 (bin)


Issues relating to Berry Bush block are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Berry Bush there.


The Aether[]

  • 1.03: Introduced
  • 1.04:
    • Berry Bushes now drop 0-2 berries
    • Berry Bush generation changed, as they now generates in larger groups
    • Bug fixed where Berry Bushes would disappear from chunks and the drops would spawn at the player's head
  • 1.9 Pre-release 2:
    • Fixed Berry Bush bug when the grass is removed from beneath it
    • Fixed crash when Berry Bushes are destroyed in the main menu

Aether II[]


  • 1.10b1: Now renamed to Blueberry Bush and has a block id of 4118
  • 1.10b3: Now instantly harvestable