The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

This page lists blast resistances for all blocks in the Aether II mod.


Block Name Blast Resistance
Display Aether Portal Block Aether Portal 18e7 (18000000.0)
Display Slider Labyrinth Totem Slider Labyrinth Totem 3000000.0
Display Slider Labyrinth Door Slider Labyrinth Door 3000000.0
Display Blood Moss Holystone Blood Moss Holystone 3000000.0
Display Divine Carved Stone Divine Carved Stone 3000000.0
Display Divine Carved Stone Stairs Divine Carved Stone Stairs 3000000.0
Display Divine Carved Stone Wall Divine Carved Stone Wall 3000000.0
Display Divine Sentry Stone Divine Sentry Stone 3000000.0
Display Divine Sentry Stone Stairs Divine Sentry Stone Stairs 3000000.0
Display Divine Sentry Stone Wall Divine Sentry Stone Wall 3000000.0
Display Aerogel Aerogel 6000.0
Display Aerogel Stairs Aerogel Stairs 6000.0
Display Aerogel Wall Aerogel Wall 6000.0
Display Zanite Block Zanite Block 25.0
Display Enchanted Gravitite Enchanted Gravitite 25.0
Display Mob Spawner Mob Spawner 25.0
Display Holystone Furnace Holystone Furnace 17.5
Display Ambrosium Ore Ambrosium Ore 15.0
Display Zanite Ore Zanite Ore 15.0
Display Gravitite Ore Gravitite Ore 15.0
Display Continuum Ore Continuum Ore 15.0
Display Icestone Icestone 15.0
Display Icestone Stairs Icestone Stairs 15.0
Display Icestone Wall Icestone Wall 15.0
Display Skyroot Plank Skyroot Plank 15.0
Display Skyroot Door Skyroot Door 15.0
Display Skyroot Trap Door Skyroot Trap Door 15.0
Display Skyroot Fence Skyroot Fence 15.0
Display Skyroot Stairs Skyroot Stairs 15.0
Display Skyroot Fence Gate Skyroot Fence Gate 15.0
Display Skyroot Crafting Table Skyroot Crafting Table 12.5
Display Skyroot Chest Skyroot Chest 12.5
Display Holystone Holystone 10.0
Display Holystone Stairs Holystone Stairs 10.0
Display Holystone Wall Holystone Wall 10.0
Display Mossy Holystone Mossy Holystone 10.0
Display Mossy Holystone Stairs Mossy Holystone Stairs 10.0
Display Mossy Holystone Wall Mossy Holystone Wall 10.0
Display Skyroot Log Skyroot Log 10.0
Display Skyroot Log Wall Skyroot Log Wall 10.0
Display Holystone Brick Holystone Brick 10.0
Display Holystone Brick Stairs Holystone Brick Stairs 10.0
Display Holystone Brick Wall Holystone Brick Wall 10.0
Display Holystone Headstone Holystone Headstone 10.0
Display Holystone Highlight Holystone Highlight 10.0
Display Holystone Keystone Holystone Keystone 10.0
Display Divine Carved Stone Slab Divine Carved Stone Slab 10.0
Display Divine Sentry Stone Slab Divine Sentry Stone Slab 10.0
Display Aerogel Slab Aerogel Slab 10.0
Display Icestone Slab Icestone Slab 10.0
Display Skyroot Slab Skyroot Slab 10.0
Display Holystone Slab Holystone Slab 10.0
Display Mossy Holystone Slab Mossy Holystone Slab 10.0
Display Holystone Brick Slab Holystone Brick Slab 10.0
Display Carved Stone Slab Carved Stone Slab 10.0
Display Sentry Stone Slab Sentry Stone Slab 10.0
Display Altar Altar 10.0
Display Incubator Incubator 10.0
Display Skyroot Chest Skyroot Chest Mimic 10.0
Display Skyroot Bookshelf Skyroot Bookshelf 7.5
Display Carved Stone Carved Stone 7.5
Display Carved Stone Stairs Carved Stone Stairs 7.5
Display Carved Stone Wall Carved Stone Wall 7.5
Display Sentry Stone Sentry Stone 7.5
Display Sentry Stone Stairs Sentry Stone Stairs 7.5
Display Sentry Stone Wall Sentry Stone Wall 7.5
Display Skyroot Sign Skyroot Sign 5.0
Display Skyroot Sign Skyroot Wall Sign 5.0
Display Berry Bush Berry Bush 5.0
Display Berry Bush Stem Berry Bush Stem 5.0
Display Orange Tree Orange Tree 5.0
Display Labyrinth Pillar Labyrinth Pillar 4.0
Display Carved Labyrinth Pillar Carved Labyrinth Pillar 4.0
Display White Gold Pillar White Gold Pillar 4.0
Display White Gold Carved Pillar White Gold Carved Pillar 4.0
Display Aether Grass Aether Grass 3.0
Display Enchanted Aether Grass Enchanted Aether Grass 3.0
Display Enchanted Grass Enchanted Grass 3.0
Display Aether Dirt Aether Dirt 2.5
Display Quicksoil Quicksoil 2.5
Display Carved Stone Carved Trap 2.5
Display Skyroot Ladder Skyroot Ladder 2.0
Display Present Present 2.0
Display Quicksoil Glass Quicksoil Glass 1.5
Display Quicksoil Glass Pane Quicksoil Glass Pane 1.5
Display Aercloud Aercloud 1.0
Display Purple Aercloud Purple Aercloud 1.0
Display Green Skyroot Leaves Green Skyroot Leaves 1.0
Display Blue Skyroot Leaves Blue Skyroot Leaves 1.0
Display Dark Blue Skyroot Leaves Dark Blue Skyroot Leaves 1.0
Display Golden Oak Leaves Golden Oak Leaves 1.0
Display Purple Crystal Leaves Purple Crystal Leaves 1.0
Display Purple Fruit Leaves Purple Fruit Leaves 1.0
Display Skyroot Bed Skyroot Bed 1.0
Display Old Present Present 0.5
GreenSkyrootSapling Green Skyroot Sapling 0.0
Display Blue Skyroot Sapling Blue Skyroot Sapling 0.0
DarkBlueSkyrootSapling Dark Blue Skyroot Sapling 0.0
GoldenOakSapling Golden Oak Sapling 0.0
PurpleCrystalSapling Purple Crystal Sapling 0.0
Display Purple Flower Purple Flower 0.0
Display White Rose White Rose 0.0
Display Tall Aether Grass Tall Aether Grass 0.0
Display Ambrosium Torch Ambrosium Torch 0.0
Display Coldfire Coldfire 0.0
Display Protection Stone Protection Stone 0.0