The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Blocks are the building blocks of Minecraft and the Aether.


Both solid and liquid blocks make up the game world and can be harvested, destroyed, and utilized in various ways. Some blocks such as Quicksoil Glass are transparent.

A handful of blocks emit light, such as torches. See Light for further info on the subject. Almost all blocks ignore gravity. Most solid blocks are one meter high but some have non-standard size.

Block textures are 16x16 but Minecraft's engine natively supports textures higher than that in multiples of 16x16. Resource packs can be used to change block textures and animations.



Generated as part of the terrain and includes ore.
Grid Aether Dirt.pngGrid Aether Grass.pngGrid Enchanted Aether Grass.pngGrid Cold Aercloud.pngGrid Blue Aercloud.pngGrid Golden Aercloud.pngGrid Green Aercloud.pngGrid Storm Aercloud.pngGrid Purple Aercloud.png
Grid Holystone.pngGrid Ambrosium Ore.pngGrid Continuum Ore.pngGrid Gravitite Ore.pngGrid Zanite Ore.pngGrid Mossy Holystone.pngGrid Icestone.pngGrid Quicksoil.png


Blocks generated as part of structures.
Grid Carved Stone.pngGrid Carved Trap.pngGrid Divine Carved Stone.pngGrid Labyrinth Pillar.pngGrid Carved Labyrinth Pillar.png
Grid Sentry Stone.pngGrid Divine Sentry Stone.pngGrid Slider Labyrinth Totem.pngGrid Skyroot Chest Mimic.png


Blocks that are representations of flora.
Grid Green Skyroot Sapling.pngGrid Skyroot Log.pngGrid Golden Oak Log.pngGrid Green Skyroot Leaves.pngGrid Berry Bush.png
Grid Orange Tree.pngGrid Tall Aether Grass.pngGrid Purple Flower.pngGrid White Rose.png


Blocks that can be obtained via crafting or smelting items or blocks.
Grid Aerogel.pngGrid Present.pngGrid Holystone Brick.pngGrid Holystone Headstone.pngGrid Holystone Highlight.pngGrid Holystone Keystone.pngGrid Quicksoil Glass.pngGrid Quicksoil Glass Pane.pngGrid Skyroot Bookshelf.png
Grid Skyroot Fence.pngGrid Skyroot Ladder.pngGrid Skyroot Plank.pngDisplay Slabs.pngDisplay Stairs.pngDisplay Walls.pngGrid Enchanted Gravitite.pngGrid Zanite Block.png


Blocks that serve specific functions, such as crafting or sleeping to pass the night.
Grid Altar.pngGrid Ambrosium Torch.pngGrid Holystone.pngGrid Incubator.png
Grid Skyroot Bed.pngGrid Skyroot Chest.pngGrid Skyroot Crafting Table.pngGrid Skyroot Sign.png


Blocks that can be powered or react to redstone.
Grid Skyroot Door.pngGrid Skyroot Fence Gate.pngGrid Skyroot Trap Door.png


Blocks only obtainable with commands.
Grid Blood Moss Holystone.png

Technical blocks

Main article: Technical blocks

There are a various handful of blocks where their function is tied to the usage of other blocks and are almost never obtainable legitimately.