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Drac'san artwork- created by Oscar Payn

This page lists description quotes for the Drac'san mob, which originate from various sources. Sources are in game from the Book of Lore item (in the original The Aether mod) or officially as word of god from the developers.

Extended Lore[]

“The Blight, as powerful as it is, struggles in one respect when mutating its host. It relies heavily on warping the mind of the creature it is inhabiting, and the brain of any potential offspring, usually developing them drastically beyond their initial capacity. This causes the Blight to struggle against creatures with brains already highly developed, like Angels, Gruegar or Humans. The Mutations cause the brain to shut down and die off, causing the blighting process to be fatal to sentient creatures.

That said, there was one species, the lowly Carph’san. A race of lizard like creatures who dwelled in the Petrified Hills, that survived the Blight, and became giant, fierce hunters, now known as the Drac’san. Kings of the Ashen Isles.

The Drac’san have two forms, which they can switch between at will, each with their own attributes that can be used in a variety of situations, the process of switching forms is painful and can take several minutes to complete, but the freedom of abilities is worth the anguish caused by the transformation.

The Warrior” is a form that more resembles a four legged beast than a human, with patagia, folds of skin between their arms and body, that let them glide across gaps between islands, giant claws, exposed and spiked vertebrae to stop creatures from riding them and bowed legs that give them tremendous running speed.

The other form, “The King” has the Drac’san standing upright, with more defined fingers and a much shorter tail. This form allows the Drac’san to utilize their unique ability, Blood-bending.

Blood-bending is powered by the blood of Valkyries, the Drac’san challenge wandering Knights to duels with their hearts as the prize. The Drac’san, upon victory, drain the hearts of their blood, and consume it, granting them the ability to control, shape and change any blood that they infuse with their own. This power is often used to create lethal projectiles, torturous appendages and even “Death Seals” special talismans that rapidly reconstruct wounded parts of the body and revive the dead.

The Drac’san have also been rumoured to be experimenting on the Blight itself, creating new strains of it that carry their own genetics. What this could mean, is yet to come to light.”[1]