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11 - Stephen

Stephen artwork - created by Oscar Payn

This page lists description quotes for the Stephen character, which originate from various sources. Sources are in game from the Book of Lore item (in the original The Aether mod) or officially as word of god from the developers.

Extended Lore[]

“There are many people who could be considered heroes in the Aether, but none are more controversial than the human known as Stephen.

Credited with the murder of the tyrannical king, Karthuul, often referred to as the “Sun Spirit”, Stephen is known by many as a bastion of freedom for the many races of the Aether, but to the Valkyries, he is an uncontrollable force, dangerous and unlawful. Stephen in many ways, to the Valkyries at least, is the embodiment of chaos, a concept that greatly opposes the Will of Arkenzus. His random acts of vigilante justice, coupled with reports of violent murders and rage filled raids on Valkyrie temples, have made him the first ever human outlaw in the Aether, Valkyrie orders are to kill on sight, although they have had little luck in finding him.

Although Stephen is an enemy of the Valkyries, he has many allies in the other races, his studies and pursuit of the Lorist have offered great insight about the divine being for the Gruegar. His apprehension of ancient technology has assisted Angel research for decades, and his regular slaughter of Valkyries has formed a profitable deal with the Drac’san. These alliances are one of the reasons Stephen remains so hidden from Valkyrie gaze, though he is an outlaw, many see his heroic acts as too important to lose.

Stephen is also abnormal compared to most humans, he has incredible strength, stamina, healing ability and doesn’t appear to age, he first appeared in the Aether some two hundred years ago, and has only gained battle scars and experience from these years. These abilities may be linked to artifacts found in the Sun Spirit’s fort, the markings across Stephen’s face, and his interactions with the Valkyrie Soul Wells that first earned him his Outlaw status. But no one really knows, his abilities, his origin and his motives are unclear to all.

Either way, whether you see him as a hero outside Valkyrie law, or a chaotic madman, Stephen’s influence has changed the Aether drastically over the years, and will continue to do so for however long he lives.[1]