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Veradex Kingdom artwork - created by Oscar Payn

This page lists description quotes for Veradex, which originate from various sources. Sources are in game from the Book of Lore item (in the original The Aether mod) or officially as word of god from the developers.

Extended Lore[]

"The Aether is comprised of many different types of island, but mainly islands are either giant continental landmasses that sit in fixed positions, or smaller more freeform islands that move about. This difference is what in the end governs the borders of many of the Aether’s countries, with only the continental islands being recorded on maps due to their stability, and colonials not wasting resources on settling on drifter islands, Country borders usually follow closely to the Continental islands.

"Veradex is the home to the Sun Sect Angels, and takes up a large portion of the Western hemisphere of the Aether. The area is mostly highlands, with lush grass and woodland, with occasional lakes and shallow mountaintops. It is thought the Highlands were the first area of the Aether to develop sentient life due to its relatively peaceful ecosystem and relative immunity to the Blight, which rests more on the East side of the Aether.

"The Valkyries also occupy most of Veradex’s main islands, while also venturing out into the uncharted islands surrounding it, this is due to the Valkyries historically being the governmental figures in Angel society, before the Sun Sect became a significant political force.

"In the central island is Veradex’s capital, Brexul, a City surrounding a set of twin mountains. It is both the centre of Sun Sect culture and the home of the Valkyrie High Temple. It is seen by many to be the perfect example of Valkyrie occupation, as the Sun Sect government and Valkyrie High Queen often work together to solve issues in the city and wider islands.

"The uncharted areas surrounding Veradex’s borders are quite interesting too, the central “inner islands” are rich in Arkenium and Gravitite, so have become mostly a mining colony, and due to them being only accessible through Veradex, The Sun Sect has had little competition for their mining resources.

"To the East are the Cloud Plains, a huge scape of Aercloud with very few islands within, although the Aercloud is not of much use to the Sun Sect, they have been able to hide top secret research projects and hold military exercises in the few islands that lie within these clouds.

"To the North are the "outer island" that lead to the North Pole, these are mostly considered to be peaceful turf but in the past acted as battlegrounds between The Angels and The Drac’san, who had progressed through Moon Sect territory on the East side to reach the northernmost islands.

"To the West is the "scattered badlands" an area of mostly gang territory, with various bandit clans and outcasts taking over large amounts of land, this area is also the only connection between Veradex and the vast Quicksoil Deserts in the South West, the gang occupation of the territory has made the gathering of Quicksoil, a key material in Sun Sect research and manufacturing, incredibly difficult and expensive.

"And finally to the South are the "bridged isles" where the Highlands transition into the Frostpines, which eventually lead to the Southern Gruegar kingdoms. This area used to be highly contested for between Gruegar and Angel during the War of Territory, but a peace treaty has left this area wild and uninhabited, only being used for trading routes and transport via the many bridges connecting the islands."[1]