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The Lorist artwork - created by Oscar Payn

This page lists description quotes for The Lorist character, which originate from various sources. Sources are in game from the Book of Lore item (in the original The Aether mod) or officially as word of god from the developers.

Extended Lore[]

“Stephen’s intentions on his quest may be obscure, but one thing is certain about his goals, he’s out to find the Lorist.

“The travelling human is often sighted investigating and contributing to the Gruegar archives, the Aether’s largest libraries. Questioning settlers about their mysterious god and his writings. Some say Stephen believes the Lorist has the answers to every question in the universe, and requires his aid on some pressing matter, and that Stephen can attract the Lorist’s attention with heroic acts.

“Others say Stephen wishes to kill the Lorist, to stop his writings from setting events in stone and let chaos prevail, some even believe Stephen merely wishes to assist the Gruegar in their own understanding of their God.

“Either way, Stephen is very interested in gathering and translating the Lorist’s works, and has spent many years searching for a way to contact or meet the Lorist himself."[1]