The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void
2013-08-03 07.53

A Dark Blue Skyroot Tree.

Dark Blue Skyroot Trees are commonly found in the Aether, and act as the primary source for building materials such as Skyroot Planks. They grow naturally on Aether Dirt upon entering the Aether. The trunk consists of Skyroot Logs, the roots consist of Skyroot Log Walls and the foliage of Dark Blue Skyroot Leaves, which occasionaly drop Dark Blue Skyroot Saplings. The leaves are dark blue and the trunk is dark brown.

Dark Blue Skyroot Trees mainly grow in one pattern, when as compared to other trees, might seem less, however they are one of the trees that can get you a few stacks of logs from a single tree if you find one. It is beneficial to collect the saplings as they a single tree can get you a few stacks of logs however it should be noted that the saplings take a extremely long time to grow.