The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

The day-night cycle is a repeating cycle of two main time periods in the Aether, day and night. Between them are dusk and dawn.



The clock is always set to 0:00 or day when the player first spawns. The Aether sun rises as daytime passes, eventually descending on the western horizon and having the moon rise in the opposite direction.

Sunlight allows saplings and grass to grow, and some mobs require daytime to spawn.


Dusk is the interval between day and night. The Aether sky takes on a twilight hue and darkens as dusk progresses, eventually becoming fully dark and causing stars to appear in the horizon.

Light levels decrease as dusk nears the night, becoming quite dark without external help such as torches. From a point onward in dusk, players may sleep in beds to skip time to dawn.


Night is the second to last period of the cycle, and due to certain events during the night, this period is quite dangerous. Hostile mobs such as Cockatrices and Tempests spawn during the night and it becomes difficult to see clearly outside. The moon takes the sun's place during the night period.


Dawn is the final period of the cycle and is the interval between night and day. The sun rises from the eastern horizon, increasing light levels until it's high in the horizon. Dawn will also cause certain mobs to quickly die, such as Tempests.


The Aether[]

The Aether II[]

  • Initial release: Introduced, time now passes normally to night and vice versa


  • Clocks function correctly in the Aether.