The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Donators to the Aether II are given two new Cape Skins, one being the Slider Cape, a cape skin based off the Slider Texture, and an Aercloud Cape, a variation of the Agility Cape design to look like it is made from Aerclouds. The Slider Cape was made by Kingbdogz and the Aercloud Cape by OscarPayn. You can donate to Aether II mod at Gilded games website.

Types Of Donator Capes[]

  • Slider Cape
  • Aercloud Cape

How To Access These Capes[]

Once a donator, you have access to the Donator Menu located at the bottom of the inventory screen. After clicking it, and then "Cape", you can choose to use the Aercloud Cape, the Slider Cape or neither. For the cape skin to show up, you must already be wearing a cape.