The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Dungeon Lightstones. Left one is the bronze dungeon, middle is silver, and right is found in gold dungeons.

Dungeon lightstones are blocks that only appear in dungeons, and can be mined when the boss has been defeated. They radiate a small amount of light, to give dungeons a "dim" feel. Lightstones produce a light level of 12.

Known Bugs[]

  • Sometimes, they wont radiate light. This can lead to completely black dungeon rooms.
  • Sometimes, they can be destroyed before the boss is defeated.
  • As of Aether II Alpha, Dungeon Lightstones can be aquired even before entering the dungeon, by climbing on the dungeon tower and mining the Dungeon Lightstones in there (It seems like the game doesn't recognizes that area as a Dungeon Area and, therefore, mining is permmited).