The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Aether I[]

Aether Dungeons are a new feature added in the Aether Mod. There are 3 types of dungeons that can be found in the Aether - Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with Bronze being the easiest and Gold being the hardest. Each has their own specific look, boss, puzzles and minions as well as a treasure chest at the end of each one. Rewards vary depending on the difficulty of the dungeon. They have no similarity to one another or Overworld dungeons. If the player is killed within the dungeon, the bosses' health will not be reset.

Aether II: Genesis of the Void[]

Further information: Slider's Labyrinth

Dungeons are guarded by doors, which you can enter with a party that you created, or you can go solo. However they are bugged. If you choose to go in with a party, all member of that party must accept the request if that group is to go in. The difficulty of that dungeon will depend on how many people head in, for example, heading in solo will be easier than 5 people going in. In order to get to the boss, you must defeat 3 mini-bosses, which can vary, like the Slider Host Mimic, which spawns mini sliders to attack the player. There are 3mini-bosses in each dungeon. Each one will give you a key, which you need to use on the door to get to the final boss, the Slider. After the Slider has been defeated, it will say "Conquered". This will go for the entire party, and you cannot conquer the same dungeon twice.

Summer Hotfix[]

With the Summer Hotfix comes the dungeon system revamp.  Doors to the Slider's Dungeon has been replaced with a Dungeon Totem.  Clicking on the Totem will send you to a sub-dimension in Aether. In this dimension, a new dungeon is generated for the player's personal exploration and use if the player is not in a party and if the player has yet to use that specific Dungeon Totem.  After completing the dungeon, the area can be converted into a personal home.  If entered with a party, a new dungeon is generated for the entire party.  This means that even though a single player may have used the Totem and already has a personal dungeon, in a party the player can explore a new dungeon using the same Totem.  Should the player leave the party and click on the Totem, the player will enter the previous personal dungeon generated for the player from that Totem, if there is one.  Dungeons can be conquered by any number of people, any number of times, but can only be conquered by the same player once.  As stated above, the dungeon can be conquered again by the player if (s)he is in a party.

Keys no longer drop as an item from the mini-bosses, when the mini-boss is defeated the key counter at the top right will increase by one (maximum of three, one for each mini-boss).  Defeating all three mini-bosses will allow the player(s) to enter the Slider's Room, by clicking on the Sliders door.

The Slider's Dungeon is enclosed in unbreakable blocks, blocks that can't be destroyed except in Creative Mode.  Blood Mossy holystone surrounds the dungeon while Divine Carved Stone lines the dungeon spawn point and the area around the Slider's Room.

Whether it is a bug or not, take note that the Slider's Dungeon may or may not be continuous.  Some rooms may be separated by multiple layers of Holystone, Mossy Holystone, and Carved Stone.  If you think your dungeon has been fully explored but have yet to possess all three keys, fight all three mini-bosses, cannot find the Slider's Door, etc., then your dungeon is not complete.  One way to locate your missing rooms is to track the sounds produced by the dungeon mobs, slime noises, moans, groans, etc. and dig in the direction of that noise.

Mutation update![]

When the 1.8 Mutation update is complete and added in the aether II, it has been confirmed that it will not include any higher tiers of dungeons. However there have been images showing that The Slider's Labyrinth will have a different design. The Silver dungeons from aether I can be found in ruins, however these have been confirmed to not be the actual dungeons, and just structures so it is unknown when the silver dungeons will return

In the future, the rewards you could earn may be based on the dungeon type like it is in the aether I. For example, the silver dungeons may be where you get Valkyrie armor, the Valkyrie lance, and Valkyrie tools.



The Dungeons.dat file is an NBT file placed inside the world save folder. The structure is as follows, according to NBTExplorer:

  • tagList - the root tag
    • A dungeon
      • conquered - whether or not the dungeon has been conquered. 0 if not conquered, 1 if conquered.
      • dungeonId - the ID number of the dungeon. Usually, this will match the amount of dungeons you have visited (e.g, if the ID is 6, then the number of dungeons visited was 6)
      • keys - presumably the amount of keys collected. Negative values have been observed
      • boundingBox - unknown.
      • entrance - the size of the entrance, in bytes.
      • outsideEntrance - the size of the entrance outside the dungeon, in bytes

Known Bugs [Pre-Summer Hotfix][]

  • Sometimes when a dungeon is entered, the player won't actually be placed in the dungeon, and may sometimes be frozen at 0, 0, 0 until they log out, which will teleport them to the Overworld at 0, 0, 0.
  • Some chests occasionally contain glitched versions of normal Aether items, which a player can right-click their inventory with to produce more items.
  • Occasionally, a dungeon's boss door will require -1 keys, which means an infinite number.
  • Dungeon bosses do not respawn after a dungeon is finished by one particular party, meaning that others can't reach the boss on their own runs.
  • If a player uses the Hammer of Notch to defeat a boss, the key from it is not obtained, making the Slider impossible to reach legitimately.
  • Most the time, items from Dungeons cannot be shift-clicked into the inventory of a player, if that is the case, they will disappear when right-clicked, and cannot be used otherwise.
  • In Multiplayer when entering Dungeons with a party, it may not teleport you into the dungeons but give you the GUI.