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“As many “heroes” appear in the Aether’s many kingdoms, there are an equal amount of villainous, selfish individuals that only aim to benefit themselves.”
Book of Lore

Edison is a upcoming NPC that will be appearing in the Aether II's Mutation beta update.


Edison is a questionably-reputed merchant who owns a vast web of trading platforms and expedition societies, all with an ulterior motive to smuggle shoddy goods into a huge market without consumers being the wiser.

However, Edison has kept his reputation afloat by having his available items for sale often contain valuable items, legendary equipment, prized artifacts from and beyond record history and useful trinkets.

One must meet Edison in person if they wish to actually get good items, due to his paranoid and protective nature. In some locales, Edison's trades have been disbarred entirely.

It is known that Edison has an association with the Necromancer, which supplies Edison's addiction to ambrosium dust in return. Edison has an illness, which ambrosium helps keep in check but if he were to stop taking ambrosium, it would mean his illness is not the only issue he'd end up having.


  • Liberty stated while he was on the official Aether Minecraft server, Edison is based off the inventor Thomas Edison, who was believed to have patented stolen inventions, however, this is no longer relevant due to Liberty leaving the development team.
  • Currently, Edison can be summoned using /summon. But, his only lines will be "Not now, friend. I am working on something," or on rare occasions, he will give you what appears to be his first text that he is supposed to say when you meet him.
  • The Edison entity is incapable of dying.