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The Fangrin is one of the Companions that was added in Aether II. Fangrin have no practical usage and are purely cosmetic Companions, they will follow you around and will automatically spawn close to you if they die or are stuck and cannot get to you. If a Fangrin is killed it will respawn after 30 seconds.

To spawn a Fangrin one must equip the Fangrin Capsule into the Companion item slot (in your Aether inventory menu). Once spawned a Fangrin will follow its owner and move around on its own. Fangrin can be damaged by their owners and can be hurt by hostile mobs and other players in SMP (unless those players are in the same party as you). If the Fangrin Capsule is removed from the Companion item slot the Fangrin will instantly despawn until the capsule is reequipped. One shouldn't worry though — Fangrin can respawn infinitely.

After the Fangrin Capsule is equipped a new tab will be available in the player's inventory that will prompt the player to name the Fangrin - once named; a Fangrin will keep its name until the player renames their Fangrin if they wish by right clicking them again. Naming a Fangrin will change its visible name tag to both its owner and other players as well as changing the name of the Fangrin Capsule item to the chosen name.

In the current version of Aether II: Genesis of The Void (1.6.4 - 3.4) Fangrin Capsules can be obtained from chests inside of The Slider's Labyrinth.


Mangles 2

A player named Fangrin called "Mr. Mangles"