The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Generated structures are sets of blocks that intentionally generate in a specific fashion, often to form a specific structure or geography.


Floating island[]

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Floating islands are the main structures generated in the Aether and vary in size from barely even land-masses to giant several-kilometer spanning islands.



Mountains are geographical features defined by steep slopes and cliffs.



Hills are similar to mountains and are defined by drops in elevation and slopes. Unlike mountains, hills are almost always guaranteed to be traversable to their lowest point. This is because there is always a section on each level where the next slope can be climbed without having to place blocks. Exceptions to this rule are rare.




Basins are large stretches of land where rock is exposed, and often has mineral veins exposed as well.

Small structures[]

Mineral vein[]


Mineral veins are natural deposits of ore and can be came across in cliff faces, under islands, etc. Minerals only generate in stone. Mineral veins can overlap or overwrite each other, making it seem like one cache of mineral is made of more than one type. In the Aether, there are ambrosium, continuum, gravitite and zanite.


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Trees are natural resource-based structures created by world-gen or by players via growing saplings and are made out of logs and leaves. They range in size from short and tubby or larger ones that may take several seconds to harvest all the way to the bush.



Springs are natural blocks of liquids that act as a source of their respective fluid. In the Aether , only water springs are found.

Dungeon entrance[]

Dungeon entrance

Dungeon entrances are naturally-generated structures that lead to instances of Slider's Labyrinth dungeons. Inside of them are totems that teleport players to said dungeons and are usually signified by a distinct humming noise and partially being made out of glowing blocks.


Slider's Labyrinth[]

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Slider's Labyrinths are the main dungeons of the Aether II mod and are large and expansive, full of dangerous monsters and loot. They generate in their own dimensions and each one is it's own separate instance.