The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void
Golden oak tree 1

A group of Golden Oak trees

Golden Oak Trees are a type of tree found in the Aether. They spawn on top of Gold Dungeons, but naturally as well. The tree consists of Golden Oak Logs and Golden Oak Leaves. If cut down with any Aether axe, the logs will drop Skyroot logs and Golden Amber. . The leaves will drop Golden Oak Saplings and even a Golden Apple  on occasion.

Golden oak texture

The texture on the golden oak logs


Golden Oak Trees are easier to grow from saplings than Skyroot Trees, because like surface world oak trees, Golden Oak Saplings only have a 1x6x1 space requirement to grow. However, while Golden Oaks can be farmed, there are challenges associated with Golden Oak farming not faced with normal oak farming.

Golden Oak Saplings are much more scarcely dropped than normal oak saplings.


  • Gold dungeons are not implemented in Aether II, but Golden Oaks still spawn on islands.
  • These trees are sometimes referred to as "ore trees" due to their appearance of containing gold ore.