The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Golden Swets are a mob similar to slimes in appearance, except for their golden color.

2011-07-24 00.44

A Golden Swet

In v1.01, Swets and other mobs have a much lower spawnrate, sometimes not spawning for 1000's of blocks.

When the player is about five blocks away, the Golden Swet will jump towards the player rapidly. If the Swet impacts the player, it will despawn and the player will be launched into the air, inflicting damage upon landing. When killed, it will drop anywhere from one to five glowstone.

Golden and Blue Swets can also be found as Gummies in dungeons. When eaten, they heal all hunger.


  • Sometimes, the Golden Swet will despawn without impacting the player. Instead, it will impact a block above them.
  • Golden Swets produce blue particles.
  • Golden Swets do not react when shot with a bow.