Gravitite Sword

Gravitite Sword
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Type Melee Weapon
Durability 1562 uses

The Gravitite Sword is a Tier 4 Aether melee weapon. Like the rest of the Gravitite Tools, hitting an enemy with this tool will reverse the enemy's gravity, causing them to fly upwards, suffering fall damage when they hit the ground. The Gravitite Sword has a durability of 1,562 uses and does the highest damage out of the craftable weapons in the Aether. 


In aether 2 1.7.10 Gravitite swords have infinite durability. In aether 2 1.7.10 Gravitite swords do not launch mobs into the air. Also in Aether 2 1.7.10 it does the same damage as zanite swords.



  • Using this item in the Slider's Labyrinth dungeon will often cause Sentries to take lethal fall damage.
  • Using a Gravitite sword on Cockatrices will make them even harder to kill as they can float down, and during the time you are unable to reach them they can shoot darts at you.
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