The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

This article is here to give the player tips to build a basic house in the Aether Dimension.

  • It's best to build your house above the ground because you might lose your attention and fall through the island or get hit by a Zephyr and die.
  • Build a Blue Berry farm. A farm with 16 Blue Berry Bushes will supply you with enough food for the rest of your adventure (however, it's recommended to upgrade those into Enchanted Berries using an Altar and 2 Ambrosium Shards as fuel later on).
  • Build an Orange Tree farm. It is going to be your main food source until you have enough Ambrosium Shards to enchant Blue Berries into Enchanted Berries, or acquire Gummy Swets on Dungeons.
  • Aerbunny farms are good for farming string, an item necessary to craft Pendants and other Overworld items.
  • Spread as many torches around your house as possible; it needs to be well lit enough so that Cockatrices won't spawn. Don't forget to place torches on your roof.
  • It is also advised to put up walls or fences around your house so you don't get pushed around by zephyrs. Adding Purple Aercloud walls to your house can be a good way to get in/out of your house, as those will boost you in the direction they are facing.
  • It's a good idea to build your house near your portal so, if you die, you can go back through your original portal and easily reach your house.
  • Build some sort of elevator using Blue AercloudsPurple Aerclouds and Gold Aerclouds for fast-travel using your Moa.
  • Have a quick and steady Moa spawning room, in case one dies in one of your adventures.
  • It is a good idea to have plenty of food and weapons when heading into a dungeon.