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The guide does not have to be explicitly followed word for word (as there are exceptions to the following guidelines), but the desire here is to bring the wiki up to a consistent and clean style.

Display Icestone.png

Type Solid Block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Blast resistance 15
Hardness 3
Tool Grid Skyroot Pickaxe.png
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Drops Itself
Data value See Data values
ID Name See Data values

These format policies are based off of the official Minecraft wiki's. You may send a message to me if you have questions, need formatting help, or need help pulling game information from the mod to input into things like the infoboxes or data values.

Animated PNGs

The browsers Mozilla, SeaMonkey, Iceweasel, Safari, and Opera (v12 and earlier) can all see apng animations natively, while Google Chrome, Chromium, and Opera (v15 and later, which uses a Blink layout engine instead of Presto, which v12 and earlier use) need a APNG addon in order to natively see them. IE and Edge's current versions do not support apng animations at all, sadly. APNG is chosen over GIF because it supports 24-bit images (.gif animations have limited color palettes) and 8-bit transparency not available for GIFs.

This is because some blocks are treated as a single block instead of two using data values (such as the multiple types of vanilla logs), and generally can be used interchangeably in crafting recipes where they can be used. You can dig up the information (enable showing recipes, then press U when a block is selected in your inventory to show recipes, then click an output of a certain recipe to check if it has interchangeable blocks) for this using the NEI mod.

You can download the apng addon for Chrome here and apng addon for Opera here.


Italics should be used whenever the name Aether or an update name (outside of History) is mentioned, and the name should be in the format of the Aether, unless the is the first word of the sentence, thus The Aether. If the Aether is not the opening paragraph, it should be in italics instead of bold. Try to use the Aether instead of The Aether in most cases, as besides the mod title (when running Minecraft), examples such as the Book of Lore use the Aether instead.

Generally avoid using abbreviations of words, for example, use "do only what is needed" instead of "do only what's needed" or the Aether II instead of TAII, unless the usage is possessive as for the former.


Put infoboxes and Book of Lore quotes (from the Aether I) above the opening paragraph, if applicable. New infobox changes that are made to the template directly by editing (such as adding new fields) will not show up on pages (even with clearing cache) until any page that has an infobox is edited afterwards but you can also purge a page to get changes to show up. Also include an upcoming notice if needed, see Altar for example.

{{Item |Name=Icestone }}
{{quote|Found in Holystone. Freezes water around it on placement|[[Book of Lore]]}}

Book of Lore quote goes here. Be sure to link the Book of Lore. Since the legacy Aether I mod is not officially available yet, you can use the Technic Pack and the Aether I modpack by Dr_prof_luigi.

Try to fill this out as much as possible, depending on how much applicable data can be applied. You can find some information such as decimal data values and item ID names using the NotEnoughItems mod. Be sure to use the Data Dumps in Options>Tools in the creative mode inventory menu to get the most accurate decimal data values, as the in-game NEI value may be inaccurate.


The first word should be the page's name, and in bold, and using the, a, or an before it is generally improper. Such usage implies an item is singular, which is most cases, is not true. There may be exceptions to the rule, but still. Using a plural title in the introduction is acceptable, if it is a page such as Leaves.

The opening paragraph of the page is intended to be very short and concise. All that should be explained is what type of object it is (block, item, mob, or other), and where it can be found in the Aether if it cannot be crafted. You may note of it's abundance if possible, such as it's overly abundant like Aether Dirt or particularly rare like Continuum, but do not state any other information unless it's not explained elsewhere and is crucial or functional use information.

Do not state it's crafting uses, as that information is redundant if it can found below in the Usage sub-section named Crafting ingredient, which will list it's associated crafting recipes. Do not put update history information in the introduction either, as that will go in future History sections.

An example of an improper and proper introduction: Icestone is a block that can freeze various things. It was remodeled in a future Indev build.

To give you an idea of what it should look like, with the full possible info:

Icestone is a type of uncommon block found in the Aether. It freezes liquids near it when placed.


State what tool is used to mine it, for blocks. Try to use singular or plural indicatives depending on the item, such as for blocks that drop one item: a Zanite Gemstone, or or for blocks that drop more than one item: Ambrosium Shards.

Natural generation

Any natural generation properties it may have. Such as that Slider's Labyrinth Totems may be generated uncommonly across random islands or that Aether ore most commonly generates on the bottom of islands.


Sections for how to craft an item, if it is [page name], go here. Such as for Altar.

Include an upcoming section if the recipe changes in an Indev build, see Altar for example. Upcoming uses two equal characters instead of three.


You may state its interaction with certain blocks and/or liquids if applicable, or if it has a smelting use as an ingredient and/or fuel. Crafting ingredient recipe infoboxes go here. The spacing (|A1=Quicksoil works, and so does |A1 = Quicksoil, but use the former to save room) and TemplateName does not matter, so you can just put Grid/Crafting Table instead of Template:Grid/Crafting Table.

Enchanting usage

If there are multiple Altar usage examples, try not to space them such as below:

Grid layout Plus (small).png
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Grid layout Plus (small).png
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Crafting ingredient

If there are multiple Crafting ingredient examples, try not to space them such as below:


Tips go here, and be sure to list such information here instead of other sections, especially the introducing paragraph.


Trivia goes here, and be sure to list such information here instead of other sections, especially the introducing paragraph.

Data values

The data values information goes here, and have the ID name and data value fields in the infobox redirect here. State it's ID name and data values, and what blocks and/or items it shares the ID name with, such as that Holystone shares its ID name with Mossy Holystone. Put a table showing ID names and data values, if applicable. Icestone has an example, but be careful not to break the table.

Be sure that the 16x16 icon matches the assets file name (such as quicksoil) for ease of organization. If there are more than one associated assets (i.e, for the Holystone Furnace as an example), choose the one that is generally the best representative image for the block.


Any associated achievements go here.


Link to the Aether issue tracker here, and state to report issues for the item/block/mob/etc over there. Any mentions of bugs or anomalies should be omitted in favor of this. Also link to the indev tracker if possible, if needed, see Altar for example.


History goes here, if it can be found via available changelogs and such. To make combing through the changelogs for relevant needed details easier, you can check through the below text documents with CTRL+F.

Upcoming sub-sections also go here, see Altar for example.

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