The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Renewable Resources are resources that the player can easily create completely new instances of, whether by player-means or naturally and without exploiting glitches. Anything dropped by normal mobs is generally also considered renewable. There are three general methods to farming renewable resources: crop farming, crafting, and mob drops.

For obvious reasons, Slider's Labyrinth or Continuum Orb loot is not counted in regards of this guide. Additionally, Presents make some resources renewable but in normal circumstances, said resources are not considered renewable in normal gameplay.

Resources List

Resource Renewable Byproducts Non-Renewable Byproducts Method
Grid Green Skyroot Sapling.pngGrid Blue Skyroot Sapling.pngGrid Purple Skyroot Sapling.pngGrid Dark Blue Skyroot Sapling.pngGrid Golden Oak Sapling.png
Grid Green Skyroot Leaves.pngGrid Golden Oak Leaves.pngGrid Dark Blue Skyroot Leaves.pngGrid Blue Skyroot Leaves.pngGrid Purple Crystal Leaves.pngGrid Purple Fruit Leaves.pngGrid Skyroot Log.pngGrid Golden Oak Log.pngGrid Skyroot Log Wall.pngGrid Skyroot Plank.pngGrid Skyroot Stick.pngGrid Skyroot Bucket.pngGrid Dart Shooter.pngGrid Dart.pngGrid Skyroot Crafting Table.pngGrid Skyroot Bed.pngGrid Skyroot Door.pngGrid Skyroot Fence.pngGrid Skyroot Bookshelf.pngGrid Skyroot Chest.pngGrid Skyroot Sign.pngGrid Skyroot Ladder.pngGrid Skyroot Fence Gate.pngGrid Skyroot Trap Door.pngGrid Skyroot Wall.pngGrid Skyroot Stairs.pngGrid Skyroot Slabs.pngGrid Skyroot Pickaxe.pngGrid Skyroot Axe.pngGrid Skyroot Shovel.pngGrid Skyroot Sword.pngGrid Golden Amber.pngGrid Golden Apple.pngGrid White Apple.pngGrid Blueberry Lollipop.pngGrid Orange Lollipop.png Grid Incubator.pngGrid Ambrosium Torch.pngGrid Enchanted Dart Shooter.pngGrid Enchanted Dart.pngGrid Holystone Pickaxe.pngGrid Holystone Axe.pngGrid Holystone Shovel.pngGrid Holystone Sword.pngGrid Zanite Pickaxe.pngGrid Zanite Axe.pngGrid Zanite Shovel.pngGrid Zanite Sword.pngGrid Gravitite Pickaxe.pngGrid Gravitite Axe.pngGrid Gravitite Shovel.pngGrid Gravitite Sword.png Dropped by Skyroot Tree leaves
Grid Present.png
Grid Ginger Bread Man.pngGrid Candy Cane.pngGrid Cocoatrice.pngGrid Aechor Petal.pngGrid Wyndberry.pngGrid Candy Cane Sword.pngGrid Arrow.pngGrid Apple.pngGrid White Apple.pngGrid Name Tag.pngGrid Saddle.pngGrid Aerwhale Music Disc.pngGrid Labyrinth Music Disc.pngGrid Moa Music Disc.pngGrid Silent Flight.png Grid Ambrosium Shard.pngGrid Zanite Gemstone.pngGrid Chain Gloves.pngGrid Continuum Orb.pngGrid Continuum Bomb.png Dropped by hostile mobs if a Lucky Bell is equipped
Swet Jelly
Grid Blue Swet Jelly.pngGrid Golden Swet Jelly.pngGrid Dark Swet Jelly.png
Grid Blue Gummy Swet.pngGrid Golden Gummy Swet.pngGrid Dark Gummy Swet.pngGrid Jelly Pumpkin.png Grid Sticky Piston.png Dropped by Swets
Blue Berry
Grid Blue Berry.png
Grid Blueberry Lollipop.png Grid Enchanted Berry.png Farmable using Berry Bushes
Grid Orange.png
Grid Orange Lollipop.pngGrid Jelly Pumpkin.png Farmable using Orange Trees
Skyroot Water Bucket
Grid Skyroot Water Bucket.png
Grid Candy Corn.pngGrid Obsidian Gloves.png Use a Skyroot Bucket on a water source block (2x2 plots are self-replenishing)
Skyroot Poison Bucket
Grid Skyroot Poison Bucket.png
Grid Poison Shooter.pngGrid Poison Dart.png Use a Skyroot Bucket on an Aechor Plant
Skyroot Milk Bucket
Grid Skyroot Milk Bucket.png
Grid Cocoatrice.pngGrid Wrapped Chocolates.png Grid Candy Corn.png Use a Skyroot Bucket on a Flying Cow
Purple Flower
Grid Purple Flower.png
Grid Purple Dye.png Using Bonemeal on Aether Grass
Grid Leather.png
Grid Leather Gloves.pngGrid Saddle.png Dropped by Cows or Flying Cows
Wrapping Paper
Grid Wrapping Paper.png
Grid Present.png Crafted from Purple Dye and Paper, which are both renewable
Grid Wyndberry.png
Grid Rainbow Strawberry.png Dropped by Carrion Sprouts
Aechor Petal
Grid Aechor Petal.png
Grid Wrapped Chocolates.png Dropped by Aechor Plants
Moa Egg
Grid Blue Moa Egg.pngGrid White Moa Egg.pngGrid Black Moa Egg.png
Grid Feather.png Laid by Moas