The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Items are objects which only exist in the inventory and hands, as they cannot be directly placed in the game world.


Some items have an accompanying block or entity version of themselves that can be placed into the world. Compared to where blocks use block IDs, items use item IDs.


Raw materials[]

Items that are raw materials and are mined or obtained naturally from the world.
Grid Aechor PetalGrid Ambrosium ShardGrid Blue Moa EggGrid White Moa EggGrid Black Moa EggGrid Blue Swet JellyGrid Golden Swet JellyGrid Dark Swet JellyGrid Continuum OrbGrid Golden AmberGrid Zanite Gemstone


Manufactured materials contrast raw ones as they are created from other materials or crafted by the player.
Grid Skyroot StickGrid Continuum BombGrid Wrapping Paper


Items that can be consumed by the player, whether to eat or differently, such as Shard of Life.
Grid Blue BerryGrid Blueberry LollipopGrid Blue Gummy SwetGrid Golden Gummy SwetGrid Dark Gummy SwetGrid Candy CaneGrid Candy CornGrid CocoatriceGrid CornstarchGrid Enchanted BerryGrid Ginger Bread Man
Grid Healing StoneGrid Icestone PoprocksGrid Jelly PumpkinGrid OrangeGrid Orange LollipopGrid Rainbow StrawberryGrid Shard of LifeGrid Stomper PopGrid White AppleGrid Wrapped ChocolatesGrid Wyndberry


Items utilized for varieties of purposes, such as harvesting blocks and food.
Grid Skyroot AxeGrid Skyroot PickaxeGrid Skyroot ShovelGrid Holystone AxeGrid Holystone PickaxeGrid Holystone ShovelGrid Gravitite AxeGrid Gravitite PickaxeGrid Gravitite Shovel
Grid Zanite AxeGrid Zanite PickaxeGrid Zanite ShovelGrid Valkyrie AxeGrid Valkyrie PickaxeGrid Valkyrie Shovel


Items used to harm and/or hinder mobs and players.
Display Dart ShooterDisplay DartGrid Skyroot SwordGrid Holystone SwordGrid Gravitite SwordGrid Zanite SwordGrid Candy Cane SwordGrid Flaming SwordGrid Hammer of Notch
Grid holy swordGrid Lightning KnifeGrid Lightning SwordGrid Pig SlayerGrid Valkyrie Lance Grid Vampire Blade


Items that can be equipped to provide protection for the player.
Grid Zanite HelmetGrid Zanite ChestplateGrid Zanite LeggingsGrid Zanite BootsGrid Zanite GlovesGrid Gravitite HelmetGrid Gravitite ChestplateGrid Gravitite LeggingsGrid Gravitite BootsGrid Gravitite GlovesGrid Obsidian HelmetGrid Obsidian ChestplateGrid Obsidian LeggingsGrid Obsidian BootsGrid Obsidian Gloves
Grid Phoenix HelmetGrid Phoenix ChestplateGrid Phoenix LeggingsGrid Phoenix BootsGrid Phoenix GlovesGrid Neptune HelmetGrid Neptune ChestplateGrid Neptune LeggingsGrid Neptune BootsGrid Neptune GlovesGrid Valkyrie HelmetGrid Valkyrie ChestplateGrid Valkyrie LeggingsGrid Valkyrie BootsGrid Valkyrie Gloves


Items that provide extra benefits when equipped.
Grid Bone RingGrid Candy RingGrid Crystal EXP BottleGrid Daggerfrost LocketGrid Golden RingGrid Golden PendantGrid Ice RingGrid Ice PendantGrid Iron Bubble
Grid Iron RingGrid Iron PendantGrid Lucky BellGrid Ear CapsGrid Piggie BankGrid Regeneration StoneGrid Skyroot RingGrid Zanite PendantGrid Zanite Ring


Grid Baby Pink SwetGrid Death SealGrid Ethereal StoneGrid Fangrin CapsuleGrid Fleeting StoneGrid Frostbound StoneGrid Kraisith CapsuleGrid Orb of ArkenzusGrid Soaring Stone


Items that serve specific functions, such as collecting liquids.
Grid Cold Cloud Parachute Grid Blue Cloud Parachute Grid Golden Cloud Parachute Grid Green Cloud Parachute Grid Purple Cloud ParachuteGrid Skyroot BucketGrid Skyroot Milk BucketGrid Skyroot Poison BucketGrid Skyroot Water Bucket


Items that have purely aesthetic purposes.
Grid Aerwhale Music DiscGrid Silent FlightGrid Labyrinth Music DiscGrid Moa Music DiscGrid Recording 892Grid Valkyrie Music Disc


Items only available via the Creative mode inventory.
Grid Spawn Mimic