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An image depicting Jaryt's in-game skin, a humanoid Battle Sentry in a suit with a red tie

Jaryt was one of the three main programmers for The Aether II: Genesis of the Void. Jaryt worked closely with Kingbdogz and Emile van Krieken to add new features to The Aether II while also helping extensively with bug fixes. He is very vocal on the Aether Facebook Page about his accomplishments and has a very casual relationship with the fans; this also makes him a very popular member of the team by being 'sarcastically unpopular'. Often, his stream posts are met by users commenting simply "No" and rejecting anything he says playfully. The community respects Jaryt as a key member of the team as he has played a key role in getting The Aether II alpha to a releasable state. He has since left the team.

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