The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Here we will compile the list of known bugs.


  • Portals will sometimes spawn in mid-air or in dungeons.
  • When fighting the Gold Dungeon boss, when he says that this is your last chance, the game can freeze.
  • After defeating the Gold Dungeon boss, ALL saves will be affected by the new daytime effect, not just the one the boss was defeated on.
  • When enchanting Poison Gel, it turns into an empty Skyroot Bucket instead of a Remedy.
  • Maps are the color of the gloves you wear (if you're wearing gloves).
  • Zephyrs don't despawn when the difficulty is changed to peaceful, yet they don't spawn in peaceful. The same happens with Aechor Plants.
  • If you die in the Aether, it is possible that you will respawn in the Nether with no way to escape. It is speculated that this bug only occurs when using the mods TooManyItems or Single Player Commands, though it could be due to other mods or not at all.
  • Valkyries will sometimes not fight in peaceful or easy mode.
  • Aerwhales will fly into the ground, very often.
  • Tamed Moas despawn when you log out then back in.
  • Dungeons are occasionaly mine-able before the boss is completed.
  • Cold Aerclouds can leave a "phantom shadow" when you mine them. This can be fixed by putting a block on the shadow. -This was a bug in vanilla Minecraft with Glowstone. It was fixed in one of the 1.9 prereleases.
  • Golden Oak trees do not drop Golden Amber -You mine them with a Zanite axe, and it's not a 100% chance.
  • Silver Dungeons can generate with a wall blocking the throne room.
  • During a Bronze Dungeon boss battle, Minecraft can crash and upon reboot, the slider boss will be frozen and can still be killed.
  • The Bronze Dungeon boss, if you get killed and he freezes in front of the entrance to him, will close the entrance forever with you outside if you hit him.
  • When shift-clicking a golden Gummie swet, it can disappear. -Tested over and over in the Aether, Nether and real world, no change. I didn't lose any.
  • Occasionally, bosses won't drop their key.
  • The Iron Bubble sometimes doesn't work.
  • When wearing an Iron Bubble and an IC2 Quantum Helmet, the Helmet's EU count rapidly decreases.
  • Sometimes 2 Queen Valkyries can spawn in one boss room.
  • Mobs can spawn in a dungeon's boss room.
  • When holding a Moa Egg while in the inventory, the egg will show up as white.
  • Aerbunnies, Aerwhales, Sheepuffs, Zephyrs, and Aechor Plants will all spawn naturally, if not more than they should, but Phygs, Flying Cows, whirlwinds, both types of Swets and Moas of all types will not spawn at all. Phygs and Whirlwinds have been observed spawning when traveling at high speeds through newly generated worlds via Creative mode flight.
  • The dart-hitting-wall sound will play continuously for over a minute if poison darts are rapid fired at mobs, tested on most mobs, does not always occur. Sound will stop momentarily when the mob flashes red from being hurt.
  • There can be a backwards head glitch in the inventory. The head may only (I have not tested) be looking at the north.
  • When the keepInventory gamerule is set to "True," and the player dies, they will lose any accessories that they were wearing.
  • If you copy a block in creative, after you place it the block will disappear from your inventory.

Aether II[]


  • Deadmau5 ears doesn't work.
  • Phoenix armor does not change to obsidian armor when in comes contact with water.
  • Tracking golems will crash other players in a dungeon.
  • The item cold fire will crash your game if received from a continuum orb.
  • Cold fire will spread even with the gamerule fireSpread set to "false".
  • Peaceful mobs have low spawn rates.
  • The Invisibility cloak will sometimes glitch out making the players visible for a short amount of time.
  • Poison Darts aren't stackable; if you want to stack them it will remain as one.
  • When the slider boss is spawned with spawn slider egg outside of a dungeon, it will disappear when hit.


Note: Most of these pictures are outdated bugs that no longer exist.