The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void
2013-09-04 16.46

A few Light Blue Skyroot Trees

Light Blue Skyroot Trees are commonly found in the Aether, and act as the primary source for building materials such as Skyroot Planks. They grow naturally on Aether Dirt upon entering the Aether. The trunk consists of Skyroot Logs and the foliage of Blue Skyroot Leaves, which occasionaly drop Blue Skyroot Saplings. The leaves are light blue and the trunk is dark brown. Like Green Skyroot Trees, they have two different styles of foliage: a normal "tree" shape (like Overworld oak trees) and a spiky "tall" version.

Light Blue Skyroot Trees seem to have 4-12 logs per tree every time and also will never get any 'root' structure like how Dark Blue Skyroot Trees have.

Light Blue Skyroot Trees should not be confused with Crystal Trees, even though they look similar.