The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void
Mini slider

Host Eyes are hostile Mobs in Aether II. They are tiny red and black Sliders that behave exactly like one except they have much less Health and do much less damage. They appear exclusively in The Slider's Labyrinth and are spawned by the Slider Host Mimic and are also what triggers the boss's damage vulnerability. One alone is not powerful but they attack in swarms and can easily kill multiple players.


The Slider Host Mimic immediately starts spawning Host Eyes after you attack him, so you will easily find yourself swarmed. They attack just like a Slider does. One should build a closed shelter out of whatever they have, leaving a hole to hit the Host Eyes. Ensure that they do not get into your shelter. You will occasionally need to get out of the shelter to hit the Host Mimic.

Leaving the area with the Slider Host Mimic in it will despawn all Host Eyes. This can be exploited if you find yourself swarmed to get easy kills on the Host Eyes. The Slider Host Mimic will also go back to its normal position.


  • Getting out of the Slider Host Mimic's sight will make all Host Eyes despawn automatically and the Slider Host Mimic will return to its original look.
  • There can only be 3 Host Eyes spawned from the Host Mimic at once.