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Minecraft - Aether II Ep.1 " A New Adventure " w Chim & Clash

Plz lov meh clashy

A Zpheroo Loving Clash

Mr360games (Double) is an Alpha tester of the Aether II and has used the Aether as one of his main minecraft videos; he even gave some ideas (like how Zephyroos only like ClashJTM ) to the Aether developers . The Video to the right is Mr360games's first Aether II Episode. 


Mr360games's favorite mod was the Aether, and he has been playing it for a while, as it was his main minecraft series for his channel. He has even named some of his pets in the Aether; One of them was a blue Moa called Moana Lisa; for a while, though, it was nicknamed Toothy. Mr360games has made two Aether I series for his channel.

Aether II[]

In Aether II, Double got to test the Aether II early, because of how popular his first Aether videos were. He first showed a preview, then made serveral Developer commentary videos with the developers and  Lets Play videos of the Aether II mod (with other youtubers). For Mr360games's first Aether II series, he had his youtuber friends ClashJTM and Chimneyswift to join him. The Aether team decided to mess around with them, so they programed things like Zephyroos attacking only Mr360games and Loving Clash JTM. As of today, episodes of Mr360Games' Aether II series have gone to a sudden stop for reasons unknown.