The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Just Aether dirt, the counterpart of Overworld dirt.

Holystone is the stone of the Aether, and can be crafted in many of the same ways stone can, walls, stairs, and it can be made into Holystone bricks as well.

Quicksoil is found near the bottoms of certain islands, sticking out visibly. When a mob, item, or player moves on it, your speed will be gradually increased until you're streaking very fast. This makes it dangerous near the edge of the void. It can be used to make a parachute.

Cold Aerclouds are very common, and can be found floating in the sky. When you step on them you slowly sink down until you hit the bottom of the block. You can walk through 1 block of Cold Aercloud, freeze it into Blue Aercloud, and you don't take fall damage if you land on these. It can be used to make a parachute.

Blue Aerclouds are less common than Cold Aerclouds, but are very helpfull if used right. Blue aerclouds will launch the player in the air up to 15 blocks. These can be used in turn with Cold Aerclouds and Golden Aerclouds to make a very interesting system of transportation. It can be used to make a parachute.

Golden Aerclouds are the most dangerous of all, since touching one will shoot the player down very fast. They are hard to harvest because of this, and are the rarest of all aerclouds. It can be used to make a parachute.

Purple Aerclouds will launch the player in a specific direction. This can be used alongside Quicksoil to make a very fast runway. It can be used to make a parachute.

Green aerclouds are very haphazard. Touching a green aercloud will launch you in a random direction, regardless of how you touched it. It can be used to make a parachute.

These Aerclouds have a lot of potential, but currently have no obvious traits. They act like cold aerclouds, and they are the second rarest aercloud to find. Players one day hope that these aerclouds will produce rain and lighting under them, but right now they are only decorative. It can NOT be used to make a parachute.

Icestone can be found near holystone. Icestone can be crafted into Icestone walls and stairs, Icestone Poprocks, Ice pendants and Ice Rings, and most importantly, it is the key ingredient in crafting Obsidian Armor.

Is the most common ore to be found. Ambrosium ore gives you 1 Ambrosium, which can be used for many things such as making torches, using the Altar, and enchanting grass, as it is the Aether counterpart of coal.

Zanite ore is the second most common ore, and usually isn't found in large veins. When mined, it produces Zanite, the Aether counterpart to iron. Zanite can be used to make tools, armor, altars, and blocks of zanite.

Gravitite ore is the second rarest ore, and be careful when you find it, because its the opposite of sand and gravel. It will float up when given the chance. To use it you must mine it and enchant it in the Altar to get Enchanted Gravitite. Smelting it will do nothing. This block can then be used to make tools, jukeboxes, and armor. However, Enchanted Gravitite will still float if powered by redstone. Enchanted Gravitite is the Aether counterpart to diamonds.

Continuum ore is the rarest ore, and it usually spawns in groups of 2 to 3. It will give you a Continuum Orb, which when right-clicked will give you a completely random item, from the overworld, nether, or aether. Currently it will give you a random item in the game, even those from other mods if the player has them installed. It has no Overworld counterpart.