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Phoenix Moa
2013-06-18 17.44.47
The Phoenix Moa

Mob Type

Skin texture for Moa

Mob Status

Only for donators

The Phoenix Moa is a type of Moa only available for donators to the Aether Mod. People who have donated to the mod can access this mob through the Donator Menu. The Phoenix Moa has orange, red, white and brown feathers, with dark brown legs. The Phoenix Moa is not actually a mob; all the Donator Items are just textures that override an item/mob's default skin. 


  • The Phoenix is a fiery mythical bird from many European legends. It is immortal, as when it dies, it bursts into flames and returns to life as an infant.
  • While the menu might be for donators only, the texture can still be accessed through the Aether II .zip file. This means that non-donators can change the name of the Phoenix texture so it replaces a default Moa texture, although only donators can make it so others can see the texture.

A Phoenix from mythology