Pig Slayer
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Type Melee Weapon
Durability 201 uses
Damage 7
Renewable No
Stackable No
Data value See Data values
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Pig Slayer is an unique weapon used to deal damage to mobs and/or players. It is primarily obtainable from Slider's Labyrinth dungeons.


Pig Slayer is obtainable as a drop from Slider bosses, with a 4.15% chance. It also may drop from Continuum Orbs.


Pig and Zombie Pigmen mobs attacked with a Pig Slayer will take increased damage, enough to do 1-hit kills to most Pig and Zombie Pigmen mobs without armor.

Left-clicking while holding a sword will do damage to both mobs and players, more so than if by bare hand. Upon damaging a mob or player, Pig Slayer's durability is decreased by one.


Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
Slaughterhouse.png Slaughterhouse Obtain and use a Pig Slayer With Great Power... Kill a Pig or Zombie Pigman with a Pig Slayer

Data values

Pig Slayer's data values are:

Name ID name DV
Grid Pig Slayer.png Pig Slayer aether:pigSlayer 4122 (dec), 101A (hex), 1000000011010 (bin)


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The Aether

Aether II


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