The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

The playerinfo.dat file is an Aether-exclusive file found in the Aether world save folder. It is written in Minecraft's NBT format, and can only be read with NBT editors such as NBTExplorer.

File structure

The following is the file structure according to NBTExplorer:

  • tagList - the root tag
    • brokeSeal - unknown. 0 by default
    • donator - whether or not the player has donated to the official Aether server. 0 by default, 1 if player has donated
    • parachuting - whether or not the player is using a Parachute. 0 if not.
    • sleptInBed - whether or not the player has slept in a bed at all.
    • artificialAir - unknown.
    • chatMode - whether or not chat in the server network is enabled. 0 by default.
    • Coins - the amount of coins the player has.
    • currentDungeonId - unknown.
    • GeneralCooldown - unknown.
    • GeneralCooldownMax - unknown.
    • lastBedDimension - specifies which dimension the player has slept in. If the player has slept in the Aether, this value will be "3".
    • parachuteType - the last used parachute's type.
    • spiritRepairTime - unknown.
    • donatorChoice - unknown.
    • dungeonMap - the size of the Dungeon map.
    • nonDungeonPos - unknown.
    • CooldownName - unknown.
    • partyMemberType - presumed to be the ID of the Companion
    • username - the username of the player
    • accesories
      • soon