The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

The playerinfo.dat file is an Aether-exclusive file found in the Aether world save folder. It is written in Minecraft's NBT format, and can only be read with NBT editors such as NBTExplorer.

File structure[]

The following is the file structure according to NBTExplorer:

  • tagList - the root tag
    • brokeSeal - unknown. 0 by default
    • donator - whether or not the player has donated to the official Aether server. 0 by default, 1 if player has donated
    • parachuting - whether or not the player is using a Parachute. 0 if not.
    • sleptInBed - whether or not the player has slept in a bed at all.
    • artificialAir - unknown.
    • chatMode - whether or not chat in the server network is enabled. 0 by default.
    • Coins - the amount of coins the player has.
    • currentDungeonId - unknown.
    • GeneralCooldown - unknown.
    • GeneralCooldownMax - unknown.
    • lastBedDimension - specifies which dimension the player has slept in. If the player has slept in the Aether, this value will be "3".
    • parachuteType - the last used parachute's type.
    • spiritRepairTime - unknown.
    • donatorChoice - unknown.
    • dungeonMap - the size of the Dungeon map.
    • nonDungeonPos - unknown.
    • CooldownName - unknown.
    • partyMemberType - presumed to be the ID of the Companion
    • username - the username of the player
    • accesories
      • soon