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Grid layout None (small).png
Grid Present.png
Type Solid Block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Blast resistance 2.0 (presentNew)
0.5 (present)
Hardness 2 (presentNew)
0.1 (present)
Tool Any tool
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
Flammable No
Drops Itself (mined)
Grid Paper.png Paper (1) plus any contents (right-clicked)
Data value See Data values
ID Name See Data values

Present is a type of block found in the Aether.


Presents can be obtained via crafting or mining already placed ones. If mined, the Present will drop itself, regardless of if it contains an item or not. The old Present can only be obtained via commands or inventory editors.

Hostile mobs also have a 20% chance to drop Presents if a Lucky Bell accessory is equipped. When dropped by a mob, it will have a random Wrapping Paper color and random bow color and will drop a random assortment of items when right-clicked.


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Grid Wrapping Paper.png

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It is possible to craft presents with Wrapping Paper inside, but not Presents within Presents. When first placed, presents will be of a random orientation on a block and the size may vary slightly. The color of a Present's bow and box depend on what dyes were used if crafted, with the top slot corresponding to ribbon color and bottom slot corresponding to box color.

It is also possible to obtain empty Presents but only via the /give command or Creative Mode. The item that is dropped from a Present is not associated to the color of the Present, so same colored Presents can give different items unless with mob-dropped ones. Presents uses a loot table similar to the way Continuum Orbs work, as shown below.

Aether I

Old Presents spawned near Christmas Trees, which were occasionally found in areas with snow. They could not be obtained as a block legitimately, unless in Creative Mode. Breaking a present would either spawn activated TNT, give experience or drop Ginger Bread Men, a Candy Cane, or a Candy Cane Sword. The spawned TNT would only destroy 1-2 blocks, and the spawned TNT or experience drops were the most likely results.


Mob-dropped presents will always drop one Paper along with their random item. Present drops are constant, so duplicating the same exact present will give off the same item The list below contains all possibilities of what can be obtained in dropped presents.

Chance Stack Size
Grid Ginger Bread Man.png Ginger Bread Man 8.93% 10-16
Grid Candy Cane.png Candy Cane 8.93% 6-10
Grid Cocoatrice.png Cocoatrice 7.74% 1-4
Grid Aechor Petal.png Aechor Petal 7.74% 1-5
Grid Wyndberry.png Wyndberry 7.74% 1-3
Grid Ambrosium Shard.png Ambrosium Shard 7.74% 1-6
Grid Zanite Gemstone.png Zanite Gemstone 7.74% 1-4
Grid Candy Cane Sword.png Candy Cane Sword 5.95% 1
Grid Chain Gloves.png Chain Gloves 5.95% 1
Grid Arrow.png Arrow 4.76% 10-25
Grid Apple.png Apple 4.76% 1-4
Grid White Apple.png White Apple 4.76% 1-3
Grid Continuum Orb.png Continuum Orb 3.57% 1
Grid Continuum Bomb.png Continuum Bomb 3.57% 1
Grid Name Tag.png Name Tag 2.38% 1
Grid Saddle.png Saddle 2.38% 1
Grid Aerwhale Music Disc.png Aerwhale Music Disc 1.19% 1
Grid Labyrinth Music Disc.png Labyrinth Music Disc 1.19% 1
Grid Moa Music Disc.png Moa Music Disc 1.19% 1
Grid Silent Flight.png Frosty Music Disc 0.6% 1


  • If one were to craft all different varieties of Presents using all 16 Dyes and Paper, that would be total of 120 combinations.
  • The Book of Lore description ("Found around the base of Christmas Trees. When opened, it will either spawn a nasty or nice surprise.") corresponds to the original Present block from the original The Aether mod.

Data values

Present's data values are:

Name ID name DV
Present.png Present aether:presentNew 414 (dec), 19E (hex), 110011110 (bin)
OldPresent.png Present aether:present 207 (dec), CF (hex), 11001111 (bin)


Issues relating to Present block are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Present there.


The Aether

  • 1.03: Introduced
  • 1.04:
    • Fixed a bug where Presents would randomly explode
    • TNT from Presents no longer destroys terrain

Aether II


  • 1.10b1:
    • Now has a numerical-id of 4198 and was moved into the Aether Miscellaneous' tab