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This page contains content that is no longer in the mod.
These features only exist in previous versions of the Aether mod.

Since the very beginning of the Aether mod, there have been multiple features removed from the mod. They may have been replaced or a developer later decided against a feature.

This only documents features that were removed from the mod; features of a particular gameplay mechanic or item that were later removed are noted in it's history section. For features that were dummied out but are still present, see Unused features.

Blocks and items[]

Book of Lore[]

Further information: Book of Lore
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Books of Lore were a set of three items in the original Aether I mod, where their function was to give descriptions for blocks and items native to their respective world. In future updates of the original Aether I mod, all three books were merged into one item with no DV values.


Valkyrie Interaction System[]


The Valkyrie Interaction System was planned during the original The Aether mod, and functioned as a branch of Mass Effect-esque dialog choices for when interacting with Valkyrie mobs, and certain choices would either cause the Valkyries to become hostile or further engage in conversation with the player.[1] The feature never ended up being finished, and it is currently unknown if it will be implemented in the future.