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Grid layout None (small)
Grid Green Skyroot Sapling
Grid layout None (small)
Grid Golden Oak Sapling
Grid layout None (small)
Grid Blue Skyroot Sapling
Grid layout None (small)
Grid Purple Skyroot Sapling
Grid layout None (small)
Grid Dark Blue Skyroot Sapling
Type Plant
Physics No
Transparency Yes
Luminance No
Blast resistance 0
Hardness 0
Tool Any tool
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable Yes
Drops Itself
Data value See Data values
ID Name See Data values

“Dropped from skyroot leaves. Plants a skyroot tree”
Book of Lore

Saplings are a type of item found in the Aether. They may be used to replant trees.


Saplings can be broken using any tools and will always drop themselves.


When Leaves are destroyed by any tool (besides shears), Green Skyroot Leaves have a 10% chance of dropping a sapling. Dark Blue Skyroot Leaves instead have a 4% chance, while Blue Skyroot Leaves have a 8% chance, and Purple Crystal Leaves and Golden Oak Leaves have a 2% chance.


Saplings come in five kinds, which are Green Skyroot, Golden Oak, Blue Skyroot, Purple Crystal, and Dark Blue Skyroot.


Saplings may be used as fuel for a Holystone Furnace. The burn time is five seconds.

Growing Trees[]

See also: Tree

Saplings may grow into trees when placed on Aether Dirt. However, they will grow much faster, if you place them on Aether Grass. Saplings requires a light level of at least 9, and require a certain amount of space around the sapling. Golden Oak Saplings are said to take longer to grow than all other saplings in the mod. Bone Meal may be used to accelerate the growth, even without light.

Saplings have two growth stages (no visible differences) before growing into trees. At first, a height is chosen and then the ground and air is checked; if the ground blocks are invalid or if there is not enough space for the sapling type, the tree will not grow.

Data values[]

Sapling's data values are:

Name ID name DV
GreenSkyrootSapling Green Skyroot Sapling aether:greenSkyrootSapling 188 (dec), BC (hex), 10111100 (bin)
GoldenOakSapling Golden Oak Sapling aether:goldenOakSapling 189 (dec), BD (hex), 10111101 (bin)
BlueSkyrootSapling Blue Skyroot Sapling aether:blueSkyrootSapling 225 (dec), E1 (hex), 11100001 (bin)
PurpleCrystalSapling Purple Crystal Sapling aether:purpleCrystalSapling 230 (dec), E6 (hex), 11100110 (bin)
DarkBlueSkyrootSapling Dark Blue Skyroot Sapling aether:darkBlueSkyrootSapling 233 (dec), E9 (hex), 11101001 (bin)


Issues relating to Sapling item are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Saplings there.


  • Saplings can can grow in as fast as 30 seconds. However, this is rare as they normally take 1-5 minutes to do so.


The Aether[]

  • Initial release: Introduced
  • 1.02: Bone Meal can now grow Skyroot Saplings and Golden Oak Saplings
  • 1.04: Fixed Sapling drop rate from Golden Oak and Skyroot trees

Aether II[]

  • Initial release: Introduced, with new Dark Blue, Crystal, and Blue Saplings


  • 1.10b1: Purple Crystal saplings removed, Dark Blue have new textures, now has a block id 4113