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Sentry Golem
Display Sentry Golem
Health 20 (120px-Heart.svg × 10)
Spawn Only in Slider's Labyrinth dungeons
Damage 2 (120px-Heart.svg)

“The Ancient Labyrinths that make up the Valkyrie’s precious Vaults house many mysterious machines known as Sentries.”
Book of Lore

Sentry Golems are hostile mobs in the Aether.


Sentry Golems spawn from mob spawners in Slider's Labyrinth dungeons, regardless of light level. They are often first encountered deeper in the maze than its blue relatives.


Sentry Golems do not directly attack the player and instead throw Sentry-like explosives at the player, which do one-heart of damage each. Sentry Golems can be hurt by their own Sentry-projectiles and may regularly end up hurting themselves on occasion. Sentry Golems are incapable of jumping.


  • They can be quite annoying if you do not disable their spawner as they will crowd around you because they follow you directly. They can be escaped easily by running through them. They have a fair amount of health and rarely release Sentries so there is no need to defeat them. They don't drop anything except Aether Coins unless Holystone Tools are used so defeating them is not worth it.


  • Sentry Golems look identical to Tracking Golems except they glow permanently green instead of blue or red.
  • First proposed by Kingbdogz to OscarPayn, the idea was originally for both the Sentry and Tracking Golems to be one single mob. The only specifications for it were that it would be 2 blocks tall like the player and that it be 'scary'.
  • Both the Sentry and Tracking Golems were made using the same design sheet, as OscarPayn had temporarily left the team during early development of the Aether II.


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