Display Sheepuff.png
Health 120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png
Spawn Opaque blocks with a two block space above them
Drops Grid Wool.png Wool

Sheepuffs are passive mobs found in the Aether.


Sheepuffs spawn on Aether Grass with a light level of at least nine. They can be naturally found in the following colors, White, Cyan, Pink and Lime Green.


Sheepuffs behave near identically to overworld Sheep. They can 'puff' high into the air like a rocket and slowly float to the ground, occasionally to their death. Just like normal sheep in Minecraft, Sheepuffs can be dyed different colors to your hearts content. The wool that can now be sheered will be the color of the original Sheepuff. Sheepuffs can be bred with Oranges and Blueberries.

Once sheered once, a Sheepuff will always resort to a white base, and the wool regenerates over time from Sheepuff eating grass. They can be sheared twice if their wool is puffy.


Issues relating to Sheepuff mob are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Sheepuff there.


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